Saturday, 8 October 2011

Crash the Sun! LIKE A BOSS . Now I'm dead! LIKE A BOSS .

From the bottom of my heart, SORRY for not posting since the 29th September x) I've been a little too busy recently, like seriously. I was on my exercise bike on the 30th, and was too tired to do ANYTHING, and on the 1st of October I slept after Friday prayers knowing that the weekend is gonna be one hell of a weekend, and I needed a little rest myself :D

   In short, the thing(s) I did this past week was watched Abduction, play this awesomely scary game called Hotel 626, couldn't sleep all night, DIDN'T sleep all night while playing Gladiator: Begins on a friend's PlayStation Portable and watching "stuff", rollerskate on the next morning, eat lunch with friends after rollerskating, watched Johnny English: Reborn right after, blew cash at an arcade, slept the whole Monday, next day school trip, partied in the bus, a little stroll at a swamp forest, charcoal museum, lunch, Ngah Ibrahim's place, freaked out after seeing a black cat at the grave of Ngah Ibrahim, went to the toilet at Ngah Ibrahim's, found out it smelled awful, assumed he didn't flush before he died, went back on the bus, checked in at Legend Inn, took a shower, change my clothes, dinner with friend and HER *wink*, Night Safari at the zoo, went back to the hotel, took a nighttime stroll around the rooms, invite a friend to come over to my hotel room, went online, slept for two hours, woke up at 2.50 a.m. and unlocked a friend's iPod touch, iPod touch in one hand and iPod Nano on the other (with Beats by Dr. Dre SoloHD on my ears), watched Russell Peters, wake up roommates,take a bath, be awesome, breakfast with Chinese school, go to Bukit Larut, swim with the hottest person on Earth *wink again*, went on a water slide, again with the hottest person on the planet *third-time wink*, went on the rocking-boat thing, covered my ears throughout the whole ride, went on the swing-thingy, dried myself, took a shower, look for someone, went lunch with Kaylyn, Cynthia, Noie and Shafiq B. (Kaylyn and Cynthia's sponsored by me, Noie's sponsored by Shafiq), got a nice quote by Shafiq B. ("This 'lunch is on me' thing is getting us a lot of girls"), dessert on me, bought souvenirs for the hottest person on Earth *wink*, went on a bus ride, went to a haunted place called Kellie's Castle, slept next to the hottest person on Earth in the bus, went back home, had a good night's sleep for the first time in five days, stayed awesome, boring day at school, something awesome happened around 5.40 p.m. *wink*, another boring day except for the fact that I could see HER, went home, prepared stuff for cycling, cycled one of the most challenging off-road trails on Malaysia, continue being awesome, and now here I am, finally blogging about all that shit.


So, yeah, I'm like the happiest person on Earth now cause of that "something awesome happened around 5.40 p.m." And I'm singing happy songs 8D Anyway, farewell now, I'm hitting Genting Sempah which has a cat-two climb with the length of 8 kilometers average, one of the most challenging on-road trails of Malaysia by the way. I need a good rest. Lastly, sorry again for not updating for a little too long for all you impatient motherbeepers, and good bye.

no h8.

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