Monday, 17 October 2011

It Feels So Empty, Without You .

The bird, a nest. The spider, a web. The man, friendship. It's what that makes us stick together, regardless of whatever happens .

So, around 2.20 p.m. today, I made a status on Facebook, and it goes like this, "Like this status and I'll make a whole post on my blog dedicated to you". So far I have 18 likes, which means an ass-load of work, but I have all the time I need! :)

Let us begin with

noie athena daughter of simon atin.

Ngehehe. The friend I "less than three" very much. So, it has been four years of our awesome friendship huh? After your return from your one-year at Sarawak, I was feeling like "Hey, Noie's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!" and you couldn't believe how happy I was :P After that one distant year, we were not really that close, but from your return, our bond of friendship became closer than ever before, and assisted by the fact that we are olahraga participants and in the same class this year.

     I think you'd also know that I had a crush on you, before you were with Jihad of course, and I have to admit that during that time I felt awkward around you ._.

But then, I've learned the fact that sometimes, it is better to be close friends than being jealous of my best friend who is in a relationship with a person I had a crush on :P After all these years, I wanna say sorry if I have ever annoyed you too much with my boner jokes and all that, and you being forced to listen to my talks with Shafiq Basha and all.

     And I think I've made you mad before, with me insulting your pimples and all that shit, so SORRY, FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART cause you know I don't mean to do such things to someone who is cool, awesome and makes all these epic sound effects.

So, thank you, thank you for being there for me, thank you for being my awesome friend, thank you for sticking around no matter how filthy, unawesome, naughty and perverted this man called Faris can be.
Hehe, lastly, love you as my awesome friend, and no matter how matured you get, don't stop making your awesome sound effects :D

Truly from the heart of

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