Monday, 17 October 2011

One and Only, JayHard Aslan .

A true friend knows the good things about you and also understands the bad, but still loves you just the way you are.

Isn't it strange, how I managed five years of my school life without you, my good friend? When I think of you, I think of the fact that I have NO F***ING IDEA how I managed to live all these years without my nigga,

jihad bin aslan.

Thumbs up for this retardedly awesome photo (Y)
So, before the days we were close, you would just flash your teeth at me at the mosque on Fridays like you did in this photo, and I would wonder, "Is this guy alright? He's smiling so happily.." and, you know, total apeshit like that. It wasn't until this year's olahraga that I know you were athletic, *a little* dirty, funny, awesome story-teller and kind of cool. 

     And starting from those days, we sat next to each other at the mosque, we played tag with each other, spend time at recess together and the usual things that gay partners do together. *I KEED PEOPLE, I'M ABSOLUTELY A STRAIGHT MALE, GO ASK MY GIRLFRIEND* 
Since I found out that Noie loves you, I admit that I was a little disappointed, but hey, I decided, "I don't foresee a moment where me and Noie would be together, so **** it, there's still more girls in the world, but it's a rarity to find a friend this awesome, so I'm not letting friendship go for a person who has no feelings over me." SERIOUSLY. THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT.

So, we became closer than ever after that, and I soon came to realize that you're a strong person too, which means we can beat the crap out of each other without worrying that the other side would cry like a bitch. HAHA YES THIS IS TRUE! We even have what Daniel calls "our trademark chase" which starts with you squeezing my junk, and me kicking you, and you will say "The heck you kicked me for?" and you will kick me back, and the chase would begin. Although I never really manage to catch you, you lightning-speeded mother*beep*er, it was still fun nonetheless ^_^

     Lastly, sorry if I've ever kicked you too hard, and for that blue-black on your eye the other day when you tickled me too hard and I kicked you in the eye, and for other stuff that I've done. I'm just an imperfect human, and imperfect humans make mistakes.

Thanks for always being cool and awesome, no matter the situation x) Stay cool my nigga, and I pray for your relationship with her to last until you draw your last breath :)

From the bottom of my heart .

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