Thursday, 29 September 2011

Hate to Be Racist, but.. *says something racist*

Racism is a man's greatest threat to man - the maximum of hatred for the minimum of a reason.

     So, if you are a Malay especially, I'm sure the situation in that headline have happened to you, at least once. If it haven't, you wouldn't know how it hurts inside, for your race or color to be insulted like that. And if it was a racist joke, you'd know how you've tried to hide the pain of having your blood and veins insulted by laughing it out; but failing.

As I had said before, when I type in this blog I also remind my own self, and I must admit I've been delivering a little offensive racist jokes to my classmates sometimes, so this typing acts to me as a reminder to myself not to deliver such jokes anymore, no matter how many of those they tell me.

     Stop the shit with racist jokes people, it's not funny. "Jokes", they call it. Well bullshit like that isn't funny, it might be to you, but just imagine if someone offends your race? It wouldn't be that funny to you then, wouldn't it? Point is, don't do to people what you don't want to be done to you. So even though you're thinking that it might be funny, stop with the racist jokes. Race is something you can't change about yourself; the only thing you can do is be proud of it. And these racist "jokes" are like telling that some mother is fat when she is pregnant (which is unchangeable) just for joking purposes. In other words, it's cruelty. 

Now, racist jokes are popular, cause they're JOKES, which are easy for people to follow and, you know, shit like that. So if you respect your own race, and respect others' races more than your own, then I hope you make an effort just by not speaking of racist "jokes".

So, let us stop with these crap.
It is the first step to stop such bullshit acts as racism.

no h8.

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