Saturday, 15 October 2011

And I Would've Did Anything For You .

Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one's definition in life; define yourself.

I have the whole night to blog. Oh, and spend with you <3 :)

     This morning, some teacher was lecturing the intestines out of us (not really, but you get it) and she was like "Please students, I'm tired of scolding you..." So I went all

b*tch if you're tired of scolding us, shut the **** up.

Anyway, I'm having an examination next week. It's just the non-important subjects, but it's going in the report card so I think I'd better increase my prayers and do my preparations to meet the afterlife, cause seriously I didn't, correction there, I COULDN'T study so I'm like so dead now. Seriously. My dad's gonna see my end-of-year results, and I'll be like so busted.


So, yeah, say your goodbyes now, cause you won't be able to once I die in the hands of my own father.

     I keed, my dad wouldn't kill me. He's the one who ejaculated me in the first place. Anyway, me being the heavy thinker I always was, I've thought up of a plan, it won't totally evade the punishment, that's like impossible. But it would reduce it. So I'd have to get good results for my past UPSR exam, and results are coming out in November, so the thing to do is to keep my badly contaminated report card until the day of the result-giving (if I get 5As, insya-Allah)

     This would either end up two ways - my dad would be happy cause I've got 5As for my UPSR, and not give a **** about my coming exam, or my dad would go like "Oh, you got good results for your UPSR, congratulations.. let me see your report card.. OH WHAT THE ****?! SIVIK, B MINUS?".

And me, knowing my father, the thing likelier to happen would be the latter. Anyways it's midnight now, happy weekend people.

     Oh, by the way I saw this question on Facebook and it goes like "40 + 40 x 0 + 1 = ?". Firstly, Facebook is meant to take your mind off God damn studies, especially Mathematics. Just type your balls out and chill on Facebook. Not meant for studies, b*tches! And please, for those who answer 1, you're plain idiots. Remember BODMAS? You're supposed to multiply 40 by 0 first. Then you'll get 0, and you add that up with 40 and 1, and you'll get 41. 


Anyway, I'm off now. My eye hurts, and I seriously need a drink.

no h8.

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