Sunday, 30 October 2011

Sometimes I Wonder If I Really Matter.

Never quit, never stop pushing yourself to the limits. For pain is temporary, but quitting lasts forever. - Lance Armstrong

     Am I the only one who gets that feeling? The feeling that no one gives a damn, the feeling that you don't really affect your surrounding in the littlest way possible, the feeling that you're nobody. Sure, you're surrounded by people who talk to you, but do they really CARE? That's the feeling I'm having. If I were to die, would they even shed a tear? This feeling haunts me. Consumes me. The feeling that no one actually loves me.

Yet another holiday wasted, I thought, as I was sent back home from my friend's dad. Another holiday spent on nothing but hoping that stupid game console would just get sent to me from one of the lightning strikes that keep on filling the sky. WASTED on hoping that something that had absolutely no chance on coming to me would magically do so. It's like wishing for a downhill slope during the first kilometers of a mountain climb. It's like wishing for the pigs in Angry Birds to suddenly "poof", and you gain 5000 points, when you have no birds left to slingshot.

     I'm getting carried away again. 

     Fudge cake my strawberry nipples, I really hate myself on trusting someone whom I knew wasn't taking me seriously. I mean come on, a deal is a deal, and even a 12-year old knows those kind of ShizNits. I really have to stop putting my full trust on people, God damn it.

So, school's back now, I'm actually looking forward to it so that I could leave this little sh*thole, the only thing interesting about it is the texts I get, and the Mac I adore, and the books I read to entertain, and the words I write to express my ideas, and the bikes I pedal on to take my mind off this sh*thole, and feel the breeze, the usual ShizNits. But I hate this place as a whole. I wish I could just take off and travel the endless roads of the world on my bike.

     But as they say, "A will is nothing more than just a wish without its effort, and therefore would never come true", and there's nothing I can do that could change the fact that I'm trapped in this horrible excuse for a shelter, and I shall be until God-knows-when. By this point you might be wondering what the heck I'm talking about, and I don't feel like telling you either but the people who matters most, will know, and if I don't tell you, you don't really matter that much to me, which is good because none of you actually wants me alive, anyway.

So to all my schoolmates and to other people who gives a shiznit, welcome back to school life, and if you hate it, learn to love it cause there's no way out of it. I really miss my friends so I'm looking forward to tomorrow, plus we're not gonna open our abandoned books anyway so I think it's all gonna be an opportunity to get away from this sh*thole :P

Yeah, you might have noticed a slight change in mood based on the contents of this apparently-useless post. I don't really feel like blogging any damn way, my eye hurts as though someone lit a candle and pointed it there, my head is aching like I just got hit elbowed by Chuck Norris, and the only thing keeping me from hitting my beloved bed is this blog post.

And since I'm ending my blog post right here; I'm hitting my bed right now.
Famous last words - Be who you are. It's the first step towards becoming a better you :)

no h8.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Your Hate Is What Gave Me This Strength .

Sometimes I wonder why people conceal their true selves in order to become someone they think is better than who they are. Why bother? Just be yourself. Everyone is good in their own way :)

     So, you might be hating on me as I made no Tuesday posts, but this holidays has just been so boring and uneventful that I have no sh*t to blog , and I doubt that there is a particular topic to be written about today too but I'll just do what I promised, since I always claim to be a man of my words (really?)

For your information I kept this draft since two days ago, and it was just lying there doing nothing, so it would be a real pity to not continue the sh*t that I started. So basically this post would be about how sh*tty my one-week holiday for The Festival of Lights was, mainly because there were no games to play. I kind of annoyed the sh*t out of my mom to get me a game console (FYI I HAVE NOT BEEN BUYING GAME CONSOLES SINCE 2007 #truefact)

Mom: Ok Faris, what book do you want to buy?
Me: XBox 360

Mom: Faris, anything to add to the shopping list?
Me: Hmm let's see... XBox 360, Battlefield 3, Dead Space 2, Modern Warfare 2..
Mom: Oh here we go again...

Mom: So you bought the Skulduggery Pleasant: Death Bringer. Anything el-
Me: Yeah, XBox 360

Mom: If there's anything that I could do to help me cure your boredom...
Me: XBox 360

So I'm getting the game console after my two brothers' examinations finish, which means the next weekend, but my fat *ss can't take it anymore here at home, mainly cause it's just so God damn boring doing the same things over and over again, just signing in my Blogger (links to YouTube automatically), Skype and Facebook, and then just staring at some gameplay of the games I want to buy. Not that it helps cure my boredom in any way.

    The only interesting part of my day was the times when you would come online, and we would VideoChat together, and make silly faces, and go like "OMG IS THAT A GHOST BEHIND YOU", you know, sh*t like that :D Those are usually the best part of the day. The Earth seems to be so messed up now, with all the sudden temperature changes, very hot and sunny at 4.00, slight drizzle at 5.00, cloudy from 5.30, and then heavy rain. Seriously, just ONE FINE DAY of Sun would be enough. Full 12 hours of it. But NOOOOO, we can't even get that =.="

I'm kind of just begging for time to speed up and I just want to see my school again, and in case you're wondering, I ain't being a nerd, it's just that home has been so God damn boring and I can't wait to see my awesome friends again, especially THAT SPECIAL SOMEONE ;D So, saying it from its true meaning, I actually miss my friends, my awesome teachers, the cool-*ss school cleaners and your hugs, not *school* by itself :P

     Hey, guess what, even with "no particular sh*t to blog about", I still made it through one whole post! Haha, I think I deserve a thumbs up for this, so just click the "Like" button on your right and you'll be able to enter another realm during your sleep, and maybe get captured in it while falling into an unexplainable coma, and if you're lucky you can get a hot red demon to possess you and make you start calling your mom's friend "bitch" and "whore" too! And who knows, maybe your dad can join in, and while you get out safely, your "oh-I'm-so-brave" Dad would get possessed by a horrifyingly ugly grandma while trying to save your big *ss! 


My sincerest of apologies, but I've just watched the movie "Insidious" at 11.00 PM and splitting images of the ghosts in that realm are still haunting me, especially that ugly grandma and the doll thing with a gun... Damn, I'm not sleeping tonight.

     ANYWAY, I meant to say that if you click the Like button you would have to make a wish right after, and that wish would come true. Example if you wish for a drink, you click the Like button and suddenly you'd have eradicated all that laziness in your heavy *ss and get up to make one yourself! Trust me, it works! :3

So I'm most probably leaving now, I wanna try to get some shut-eye and getting absorbed into that realm.. LOL I KEED THE INSIDIOUS B*TCHES. As much as I know nothing in my house is moving randomly, and I've never had any strange dreams so I guess I'm safe!

Well, good night people. Or, since it's 3.20 AM now, I think it'd be truer if I say, GOOD MORNING :D I think that's about it, and sorry for not making a Tuesday post, I was too busy being awesome. OHH, and also, no one suggested me a topic. Such an excuse to keep my readers doing what they should be doing - reading.
Be sure to be there for my next post on Sunday, don't die or anything okay? :)

no h8.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

New Blogging Format :D

So as my (soon-to-be) successful vlogger friend Jacquelina recommended, I'm gonna start making a blogging format, to know when my readers have to check this blog to get updates. So, I think it would be Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. 

     TUESDAYS would be about all the bull**** that I did on Monday and the same day, it might be sometime around late night because I just want to gather enough topics to blog about before I write. (or type for all you precise mother*beep*ers out there) 

THURSDAYS would be out of topic requests or recommendations (send me recommendations through Facebook at http:// or you can do it simply through the chat box at the side of this blog. And if I get no recommendations, two options :- I might not be making a Thursday post, or I would post about any particular events (if there are any).

SUNDAYS would be late-night posts, just like this one, because my weekends now are almost always packed full of events, either cycling or outings, etcetera. As usual, it would be a late-night post mainly because I need a full-day detail of the happenings, not to mention idea-flowing and sh*t like that. 

     So, I'll try to slip in a few more posts through those days since I made the "like my status and I'll tell you" sh*t on Facebook. 30 people liked it, but they don't even know my blog URL. Stupid donkeyholes =.=" Anyway, if you don't bother to read my blog I won't bother to make a post about you then :) A favor returned with another. Fair, eyh?

no h8, humans.

The Words "Giving Up"? Not In My Dictionary .

The greenery. The wind brushing through my face. The birds chirping. The gradient of the road. The hot Sun, heating the **** out of my already-dark skin. The fast pace. The speed of the leaders. The steep gradient of the road. The pain on my legs, getting to me slowly and slowly. Me as the youngest of the group, trying to prove myself worthy to ride along the gangs of Pinarello Dogma 2, S-Works Tarmac Sl4 and BMC Race-Machine 01. Three hours on the saddle. Half my brain wondering why the heck am I even here, telling me to stop, to not kill my legs. The other half; on the peloton. Precision. Decision. Speed. Speed ...

     The most torturous ride of my life was ended today with my milage reading 77.5 kilometres, back at our starting point at Jami Bike Centre. The pace of the leaders were fast, at an average of 35+ km/h, and I must admit I couldn't keep up with the peloton. The hills were tough. The wind was completely against. The heating Sun only means further torture. My water ran out at the part when I needed it most. 

In other words, I'm surprised that I'm still alive .

I'm kind of surprised at the power of the mind to push the rest of the body through the whole challenge, I mean, some three-fifths of the whole 77 kilometres were hilly, and if I were to look at the road that I was about to cycle through, I would be going all "****, I can't do this". But I didn't know what to expect, and in the beginning I just TOLD myself not to stop, to not stop pedaling, to just keep the bike moving above 25km/h to maintain my average speed.

     The turning to Klang Highway was quite obvious before we hit that one hell of a hill, and I was wondering "WHAT THE **** IS THE PELOTON DOING?!" because the turning was right over there when my milage was 15, but, as this mother*beep*er right here have all the luck in the world, we continued towards a long hill climb, up to the top at a native village. 

I kept telling myself, "My mind move my feet. My feet moves the big crank which moves the smaller chainring, which moves the wheel hub, and then the back wheel. The movement of the back wheel would move the front wheel, which moves the bike". OK, that might've been a little too complicated, I'll put it simpler this way -  Set your mind to finish the sh*t, and your legs will finish the sh*t for you, no matter the gradient, no matter the speed, no matter the pace.

     Point is, you're not going to die when you push yourself far beyond your limits, so why be afraid to do so? Like Eminem had said, "You can do anything you set your mind to." And this thing has just been proven right; I mean, I didn't think I could even go forty without pushing. I didn't know what to expect so I didn't know where are the climbs in which I need to conserve my energy on, I just drafted through my dad's back wheel and pedaled the **** out of my Shimano Sora STI 2011 crankset. Torturous though it may seem, I made it - youngest of the group, although I reached third last, I made it just fine; without any falls, without pushing my bicycle. It was tempting to stop and just push the sh*t though, but what is the use? A bicycle is meant to be pedaled. So I'm not gonna waste the RM3,500 my dad had spend on this sh*t and just push the pedals like a mother*beep*er.

And that's what I did, and whether you want to believe it or not, 

So let this be a reminder to all, anything is possible if the will to achieve it is there, the mind set is the primary need, the effort right after. Leave aside all the torture. Try to not even feel it. Think of the ones you love. Think of a place you love, anything to get your mind off the torture; but nonetheless, focus on your mindset. 
If this lousy tall ***hole that loves turtles can pedal his sh*tty legs through seventy-seven kilometres of hilly roads, I'm sure you can too ;)

Trust me, it's all in the mind.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Amazing Just The Way You Are :)

I am very fortunate, to have someone as awesome, pretty, understanding and fun as you in my life. And I also hope that you will always be a friend of mine, cause honestly, without you there'd be a huge awesome part of my life missing :)

I think everyone, including you, have that one person who is older than you are, but cares for you just as much as you care for them. That person you take as an older sibling, that awesome person who is fun to be around with, in other words, the person you love just like she is an older sister. Well, that valuable person to me is

kimberly anne :)

Yeah, you might be thinking she's pretty or anything but she isn't really that interested in having boyfriends SO BACK OFF! Heh, I keed people, I KEED 8D

     I remember that we started being close since that dancing on 2009, I knew you long before that though, I think when I was only Standard 2. It was thanks to my brother Fairuz, really. You were famous at school, if I could recall? Haha, I remembered how badly you wanted to be dance partners with me, but since I was (kind of) short compared to you at that time, I partnered with Suk Ying instead :P I think I even had a small crush on you, and I was pretty jealous of Mark back then XD

In the year of 2010, however, we became a little distant as I didn't go to the park at those times, and the only thing that linked us together was the "Tell Kimberly I said Hi" that I tell Kaylyn once every month :P

     However, around March this year, I started going to the big park and I met you, and the last time I did you were, as I can recall, one finger taller than me, but when I saw you on that day I felt like "Oh, have I grown that much???" Seriously, when I met you on that day I couldn't believe how much I missed you, and above all I was seriously baffled by the fact that I could live one whole year without your presence... 

Honestly speaking, I really miss the times we spent together "practicing" at P.S.S. especially at the way you freak out when a song you like comes on the radio, and you'll go like "OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD!" then start dancing while singing "I Know You Want Me" by Pitbull. HAHA, good times, good times xD

     It's still kind of weird that I knew you before I knew your sister since we are of the same age, but to tell you the truth I have more friends who are older than me compared to my friends of the same age. ANYWAY, I did not know if I have ever thanked you for introducing me to Kaylyn, so THANK YOU with a capital 'T' for ALL the things you have done to me, whether it is just to spend a few minutes on chatting or helping me in anything that I needed help with :D

Throughout these years you have been a great friend, even though you're still a terrible secret-keeper, but still, I don't recommend you to change yourself cause you're awesome just the way you are. And other readers, if you DON'T want your secret to be a secret anymore, you can tell it to this girl right here :P

     So, last words, sorry for all the wrongs I have done to you, from the times I slapped you because you were screaming like a freak until the time where I accidentally poked your eyeball (did it seriously hurt? o.O), cause you know I don't mean to cause any harm, physically or towards the feelings, of an awesome, pretty, fun and one-of-a-kind person like you <3

My sincerest of apologies if you expected this blog post to be better than what it is, cause I'm seriously out of ideas and my eyeballs are burning since it's 12 midnight now. I think you should appreciate the fact that I stayed up just to blog about my pretty and hot friend :P So, stay awesome, remember to NOT change yourself and try to be someone else, cause girl you're amazing, JUST THE WAY YOU ARE :D

straight from the heart,
no lies .

Friday, 21 October 2011

Weights Off My Shoulder :)

So, finally, the deal is done. I have finished all my examinations, handed in all my school projects, returned all my textbooks, and I've progressed further into my passion, cycling. Yeah, last weekend on the event, I met the national coach, Dato' Ng Joo Ngan, well, actually my brothers met him, but our family was invited to train with him at the Cheras Velodrome, Kuala Lumpur. It's gonna be a new experience for me :)

Life's awesome now, everything is awesome now, I just don't want it to end :) In case anyone gives a sh**, I'm hitting Fraser's Hill, Penang on Sunday, and we're having a little outing on Monday, just to celebrate the freedom :D 

     Recently, my Facebook has been flooded by many chain messages, and believe me, you're one of the dumbest people in the world if you actually believe in them -_- I'm sure you have gotten at least ONE before, they go like "One day there was this one guy, suddenly, he slipped on a banana peel and died right on the spot, so forward this message to 20 people, or YOU will have the same fate as this man when you walk outside your house". 

ACTUALLY, I just made that up. But, you get the point. And if you have ever forwarded these kind of messages, please stop doing it, cause believe me only 

unimaginably dumb

do that kinda stuff. Forgive me if you're offended, but seriously, people who believe in those kind of things, you should IMMEDIATELY STOP doing so. You honestly think that your life depends on a few made-up words? Are you that stupid? You're forwarding that message because you think you would DIE if you didn't do so. Fact is, you could die anytime, depending on God's will. You could be singing in the toilet and suddenly drop dead, or French-kissing and your heart stops beating suddenly. 

*small note - not that I want any of you to die like this.
I'm just sayin, if God wants to take your life away, He takes your life away.
And it can happen any time. Any time at all.*


     But it's kind of saddening, the fact that most of the people that does this are Malay-Muslims (I'm not racist. I'm just saying). What happened to "Ashhadu an-Laa ilaaha illa-Allah, wa Ashhadu anna Muhammadan Rasulullah"? What happened to the six things you have to believe in? "Allah, Malaikah, Rasul, Kitab, Qada' and Qadar, al-Kiamah". Nothing over there states CHAIN MESSAGES. This might be a small thing, but believing in something else other than God (like some stupid chain message claiming that it was cursed) can lead to "syirik", which is believing in something supernatural other than God.

I'm not a Christian, a Hindu or a Buddha either, but I'm pretty sure, for all religions, you can't really believe in "supernatural" bull**** other than God? So, yeah, I think you'd better re-think before you re-post these kind of stuffs, because even this small of thing can lead to the fact that you believe in something else other than God Almighty, which will lead you to the act of "murtad", which means leaving a religion and conspiring against it. 

     So I really hope to see NO MORE of this stupid stuff, it stopped around mid-year but now it's resurfaced, cause believe me, you wouldn't want to betray your whole religion just because of some (claiming to be) cursed Facebook statuses. 

Think before you re-post them. Do you believe in God? Do you believe in Allah? Or do you believe in chain messages? Once again, think.

no h8.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Nobody Is Perfect. Well Then, Meet "Nobody" .

When I decided to be friends with you, I had no idea that you were the right one for me. But now, I know better, and believe me, that was the best decision I have ever made in my life ;)

Yes, when I said those words on the 6th of October, I meant it. Yes, you're the reason for all those butterflies, and I can't seem to last a day without thinking of you. And yes, those three words are true :)

My funny, cute, awesome, beautiful, tall and adorable friend, 

kaylyn marie westerhout <3
She requested her picture to not be posted here, as she doesn't want the world to realize her beauty :P

It's been three years since I knew you were you, and I believe I was really fortunate that I was seated beside you in the year of 2010 :) And yeah, before that we didn't really know each other, but you knew me in the year of 2008 whereas I only started knowing you, all thanks to Kimberly, since the tenth month of 2009. 

     Anyway, thanks to the lucky seating I got on 2010, I got to know you better, and I remembered my first impression of you, being "Weirdly awesome", which when translated means you're awesome for a strange reason xD Sometimes last year I even wonder if you and Cynthia were OK people, HAHA XD *no, seriously. No offense*

But, as Alice told the Mad Hatter, the best people are truly bonkers :P 

A little confession from me Kaylyn, actually I had a little crush on you last year, but at that moment you liked someone else, and I think you had no feelings for me in the past, anyway :P 

Last year still remains as the most valuable year of my life, mostly because I became closer to you, Cynthia and many others :D We even made nicknames, you as Ketchup, me as French Fries, Cheeseburger being Cynthia, Hazirah as Hash browns, etcetera. And yeah, I admit that I am disappointed when I found out you and Joshua were going to 6C, but although separated thanks to our different classes this year, our bonds are still close because we always hang out at the park, walk to the school entrance together and stuff like that. (Y)

     Soon after our bonds tighten I came to realize that you were the hole that was missing all these years, and yes, I realized I have found the right person, and that hole was patched up by you, and it's all thanks to your ever-so-kind display of true friendship. In other words, you complete me.

And every time I look at you, I truly believe more than ever that God is the greatest, because only the greatest would be able to create such beauty :)

And I do not know what else to say other than "Thank you", because, honestly, I can't find any words that could ever describe how thankful I am that you chose me to be a friend, that you care for me, and that you love me just for who I am.

     I also want you to know that I love you more than I love my pillow, which is something to say since I always hug my pillow and sleep with it every night, haha xD And yes, I will always love you no matter how much you change, no matter how you will feel about me in the future, or in much simpler words, no matter what happens.

My sincerest of apologies if there is anything that you do not like about me, as I always say, human beings such as myself are imperfect, we make mistakes. And that is the reason why I feel the need to say sorry to you. There were times when I've been annoying for you, times were I accidentally spit out from my mouth offensive words, and stuff like that. You know I don't mean to hurt one of God's greatest creation, YOU, whether emotionally or physically.

     Sorry again if you expected this blog post to be better than what it really is, and lastly, I love you with all my heart.



One and Only, JayHard Aslan .

A true friend knows the good things about you and also understands the bad, but still loves you just the way you are.

Isn't it strange, how I managed five years of my school life without you, my good friend? When I think of you, I think of the fact that I have NO F***ING IDEA how I managed to live all these years without my nigga,

jihad bin aslan.

Thumbs up for this retardedly awesome photo (Y)
So, before the days we were close, you would just flash your teeth at me at the mosque on Fridays like you did in this photo, and I would wonder, "Is this guy alright? He's smiling so happily.." and, you know, total apeshit like that. It wasn't until this year's olahraga that I know you were athletic, *a little* dirty, funny, awesome story-teller and kind of cool. 

     And starting from those days, we sat next to each other at the mosque, we played tag with each other, spend time at recess together and the usual things that gay partners do together. *I KEED PEOPLE, I'M ABSOLUTELY A STRAIGHT MALE, GO ASK MY GIRLFRIEND* 
Since I found out that Noie loves you, I admit that I was a little disappointed, but hey, I decided, "I don't foresee a moment where me and Noie would be together, so **** it, there's still more girls in the world, but it's a rarity to find a friend this awesome, so I'm not letting friendship go for a person who has no feelings over me." SERIOUSLY. THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT.

So, we became closer than ever after that, and I soon came to realize that you're a strong person too, which means we can beat the crap out of each other without worrying that the other side would cry like a bitch. HAHA YES THIS IS TRUE! We even have what Daniel calls "our trademark chase" which starts with you squeezing my junk, and me kicking you, and you will say "The heck you kicked me for?" and you will kick me back, and the chase would begin. Although I never really manage to catch you, you lightning-speeded mother*beep*er, it was still fun nonetheless ^_^

     Lastly, sorry if I've ever kicked you too hard, and for that blue-black on your eye the other day when you tickled me too hard and I kicked you in the eye, and for other stuff that I've done. I'm just an imperfect human, and imperfect humans make mistakes.

Thanks for always being cool and awesome, no matter the situation x) Stay cool my nigga, and I pray for your relationship with her to last until you draw your last breath :)

From the bottom of my heart .

It Feels So Empty, Without You .

The bird, a nest. The spider, a web. The man, friendship. It's what that makes us stick together, regardless of whatever happens .

So, around 2.20 p.m. today, I made a status on Facebook, and it goes like this, "Like this status and I'll make a whole post on my blog dedicated to you". So far I have 18 likes, which means an ass-load of work, but I have all the time I need! :)

Let us begin with

noie athena daughter of simon atin.

Ngehehe. The friend I "less than three" very much. So, it has been four years of our awesome friendship huh? After your return from your one-year at Sarawak, I was feeling like "Hey, Noie's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!" and you couldn't believe how happy I was :P After that one distant year, we were not really that close, but from your return, our bond of friendship became closer than ever before, and assisted by the fact that we are olahraga participants and in the same class this year.

     I think you'd also know that I had a crush on you, before you were with Jihad of course, and I have to admit that during that time I felt awkward around you ._.

But then, I've learned the fact that sometimes, it is better to be close friends than being jealous of my best friend who is in a relationship with a person I had a crush on :P After all these years, I wanna say sorry if I have ever annoyed you too much with my boner jokes and all that, and you being forced to listen to my talks with Shafiq Basha and all.

     And I think I've made you mad before, with me insulting your pimples and all that shit, so SORRY, FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART cause you know I don't mean to do such things to someone who is cool, awesome and makes all these epic sound effects.

So, thank you, thank you for being there for me, thank you for being my awesome friend, thank you for sticking around no matter how filthy, unawesome, naughty and perverted this man called Faris can be.
Hehe, lastly, love you as my awesome friend, and no matter how matured you get, don't stop making your awesome sound effects :D

Truly from the heart of

Saturday, 15 October 2011

And I Would've Did Anything For You .

Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one's definition in life; define yourself.

I have the whole night to blog. Oh, and spend with you <3 :)

     This morning, some teacher was lecturing the intestines out of us (not really, but you get it) and she was like "Please students, I'm tired of scolding you..." So I went all

b*tch if you're tired of scolding us, shut the **** up.

Anyway, I'm having an examination next week. It's just the non-important subjects, but it's going in the report card so I think I'd better increase my prayers and do my preparations to meet the afterlife, cause seriously I didn't, correction there, I COULDN'T study so I'm like so dead now. Seriously. My dad's gonna see my end-of-year results, and I'll be like so busted.


So, yeah, say your goodbyes now, cause you won't be able to once I die in the hands of my own father.

     I keed, my dad wouldn't kill me. He's the one who ejaculated me in the first place. Anyway, me being the heavy thinker I always was, I've thought up of a plan, it won't totally evade the punishment, that's like impossible. But it would reduce it. So I'd have to get good results for my past UPSR exam, and results are coming out in November, so the thing to do is to keep my badly contaminated report card until the day of the result-giving (if I get 5As, insya-Allah)

     This would either end up two ways - my dad would be happy cause I've got 5As for my UPSR, and not give a **** about my coming exam, or my dad would go like "Oh, you got good results for your UPSR, congratulations.. let me see your report card.. OH WHAT THE ****?! SIVIK, B MINUS?".

And me, knowing my father, the thing likelier to happen would be the latter. Anyways it's midnight now, happy weekend people.

     Oh, by the way I saw this question on Facebook and it goes like "40 + 40 x 0 + 1 = ?". Firstly, Facebook is meant to take your mind off God damn studies, especially Mathematics. Just type your balls out and chill on Facebook. Not meant for studies, b*tches! And please, for those who answer 1, you're plain idiots. Remember BODMAS? You're supposed to multiply 40 by 0 first. Then you'll get 0, and you add that up with 40 and 1, and you'll get 41. 


Anyway, I'm off now. My eye hurts, and I seriously need a drink.

no h8.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

This Time, I'm More Than Sure You're the One.

There is no need to make a move until you're really sure she is the one, really sure there is no other, absolutely sure you love her - or you'll just end up breaking more hearts.

enough hurting people already. 

     Anyway I've been watching people (yeah, I know I'm a stalker, **** you) and there's this one guy. Yeah, I know, why does it have to be a guy that hurts the girl? Not meaning to be sexist especially to my own gender, but seriously, why must the guy be the heartbreaker?

There is this one asshole who uses a girl who get the girl he truly desires, like, the **** is that man? You don't LOVE her at all. You just wanna use her. So **** off, and to the girl, why bother? There are many fishes in the sea. And he isn't the fish suitable for you. So forget about him. I don't see how you fell for him in the first place. Were you, like, DRUNK THE ENTIRE RELATIONSHIP? Haha, I keed bro (or sis). 

So by the way I can't see why you people are being so emotional these days, cause I've had around three encounters with a fate I can't evade which is death, and believe me, you can die anytime. So, live life to the fullest man! People who don't care about you, you don't have to waste time making them do so. Just **** their balls off LIKE A BOSS! Only roll with people who will be with you through thick and thin. And people who don't, why should you give a ****? It's their life. You can't change how they feel about you. But you can change how you feel about them.

     Point is, only value people who equally value you for who you are. Don't need to waste time changing how they feel about you, either - because a true friend knows the good AND bad things about you, but still loves you for who you really are.

MY true friends know I've got a few nuts unscrewed in my brains but still sticks around with me. They know I'm a little dirty-minded but still love me for just who I am. And I don't bother with the people who hate me either, cause you can't make friends without a few enemies now and then.

     Some people love the ones who ignore them, and ignore the ones who love them. The fact is that the ones who ignore you would not bother if something happens to you, and the ones you ignored would be the ones saddened most if something bad happens to you. And then you'd be thinking "Why didn't I value this person" and stuff. So, personally, I think you should open your eyes, don't waste your time on the one who ignore you, and concentrate most on the ones who love you for who you are (this must be the third time I said that). 

There, I'm done being Mr. Advise Guy. I'm out, PEACE!

no h8.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Curiosity - Kills The Cat, And Almost Me .

You can't polish a gem without friction, you can't achieve success without a little suffering. It's the same thing.

So, I'm having a major cycling event this weekend participated by many people around the country and South-East Asia, it's being held in Dataran Merdeka Kuala Lumpur. I admit I've been busy these recent days with my bicycle cleaning and stuff, and I'm still behind school projects, I mean SERIOUSLY behind, like everyone's at the third and I'm still sticking my booty pipe at the first one.

     Phew, lately I've been procrastinating so much. I admit, I'm not a good example to be followed. Sorry for those who think of me as an idol (I'm not sure anyone does but I'm just sayin') but I'm someone who should not be idolized. SERIOUSLY!

I just don't know how to sort out my priorities, and just by currently writing this post right now, I am NOT doing what I should be, cause I should be working my ass off like others, folding some color-paper shit to make an octahedron, or finding out information about those grandpas who contributed to our country's independence, you know, sh*t like that. Yeah, I know I'm a bad person, but all I ask is for you to read my god damn posts up on these b*tch-ass nigga, not idolize me and sh*t. If you're a guy, idolizing me would just be gay, and if you're a girl, idolizing me would make you a guy. So DON'T do so ;)

     Anyway, if you give a sh*t I just climbed Genting Sempah last weekend, which has a cat-2 climb, and I did it without having to push my $950 bicycle :D That's an achievement! 

Before the climb, my dad patted me on the back and said "Up, all the way to the McDonald's at the top." so I was like "McDonald's?! CONSIDER ME ALREADY THERE, B*TCH!"

And starting from that pat it was all torture, torture and more torture. The hills were there non-stop, and I kept telling myself that the hill I'm climbing would be the last, but it turns out that there were endless of them.. I just sang "I'm On A Boat" by The Lonely Island to boost my confidence (yeah, I know, it's an old song.. WELL FUDGE YOU!) and just tried to enjoy the scenery and stuff.. You know, the usual non-working sh*t that people use to avoid giving up .

     Now, I've been desperate enough to go to the site called wikiHow to know how to keep my confidence and sh*t, and believe me I tried their methods from A to Z, and none of them worked. They did at first, but I had to talk to myself, which means :-

  • I'll look like some retarded mother*beep*er chanting some curses to myself
  • I'll waste my energy on talking
But there was one thing that wikiHow didn't mention, and I tried doing it, and it miraculously worked, I just imagined my girlfriend (that's right b*tches, I have one, time for the jealousy feeling to all you loners) was waiting at the McDonald's and believe me, I cycled faster than my other family members. Hell yea mo'fo. I was leading the whole climb, except for the end when I sat down to enjoy the scenery and think about life (sounding oh-so-emotional now)

     There was this one part where a group of monkeys were chillin' their balls out on the middle of the road (no, seriously, they had their balls sticken out) and we cycled cautiously through. Three monkeys went for my brother Fairuz, and he shouted like it was the end of the world, pushed into his big gear and sprinted away, while I smiled and waved at those un-evolved humans, and I thought we were off the pack and I saw a gigantic monkey, about the size of one and a half of a desk in my class, and it was lying down, looking unconscious. Me being the blind bitch and the asshole that I am, not to forget being a curious son of a mom, (what, you thought I was gonna type son of a bitch?) I went to checkout that monkey, thinking that it was freaking dead. You wouldn't have believed the look in my siblings' eyes when it woke up and chased after my rear wheel. Oh, sure, me being the *show-off cool* douche bag that I am, I acted as if it was nothing and cycled away, but inside me was like "F*** shit, I didn't say good bye to my girlfriend before this journey, and now I'm gonna die" but thank God, I'm still here, still being awesome, you know, the usual shit.

Anyway, when I reached the top I felt like I was reaching the clouds, but I saw the road leading to Genting Highlands and found out that I wasn't on that high of ground at all . So I felt like "Fudge cakes, I wanted to feel like I was on top of the world. Reaching the highlands is total bullshit!!!" 

So, in other words, I felt like I just got owned by God's creations.

By now you would know the drill, I would say something fake about the "Like" button to make you people click it, and I would love the people who fall for that trick. So, just as always, I've got to go, and apologies for not updating for quite some time. Couldn't find the time to do so. Too busy GOD DAMN PROCRASTINATING.

Good night people. Love you Ketchup ;D
no h8.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

How Quickly Something Anticipated Turns Into The Past .

How time flies when you're having fun .

So, I recently went to this trip to Perak as you might as well know, and I decide to share some photos :) (only ones I like of course)

On the way there... Me listening to Jumpstart by These Kids Wear Crowns :D

First destination, mangrove forest :) Me with two teachers and Noie :D

Nazhif :D We were in some sort of place that they burn charcoal in, we couldn't see anything and this was thanks to the flash of the camera :P

Taiping Museum :D

Checking out @ Legend Inn Perak, sitting with Noie. Shafiq B's pants is falling off! XD *hope you don't mind JayHard*

Two tree lovers ! <3 :P

By the lake. Nice pose Kaylyn :D Me and Cynthia laughing at a joke ... Oh, and nice biceps, me! :P

The view, as seen from the lake at Ipoh :D

Me, in my tight pants, putting my leg on Kaylyn's seat XD this was before Tambun, used my second-fav jeans as my pyjamas :P

Two of the many people in the world I can't live without.. <3 before the swim at The Lost World of Tambun :D

Group photo outside The Lost World :D I'm not there though, but she is <3 :)

     So, firstly we went on the small slides on the pool, and I took of my shirt to show my apparently skinny torso, twisted my shirt and whipped people with it >:D #LIKEABOSS! And then we decided to go to the bigger water slides, the ones that we have to use floats on

So, after that it was watersliding time, and I went on the float firstly with Shafiq Basha, then with Kaylyn and Zikry :D the first time, Kaylyn was going like "Oh, no I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die!" so I convinced her like "You're gonna be fine, if anything happens I'm here", you know, shit like that :D It was damn nice! There were eight of them, and we went on them all, and it was a nice feeling to scream when you're going fast (Y) 

Unfortunately no pictures were taken, it's a water park there so we need water-proof cameras which no one has x)

     And then me, Jack, Kaylyn, Cynthia and Noie went to this pool where the current was so strong. We were supposed to just rent a float and let the waves carry us, but we were walking on our hands like retards of nature.. and Jack was walking on his feet and leaving us behind #LIKEABOSS at least I got to hold your hand and swiftly move through the currents (although it wasn't at all "swiftly") :P

Next it was time for the dry parks, and the only good thing about it was the rocking boat thingy :P was looking forward to a roller-coaster but there wasn't one :( I've never been to a theme park before, sad right ...

     So, when we went back on the bus, I switched place with Cynthia and sat next to her, and I slept soundly as I was b*tch-ass tired, and then we went to Kellie's Castle, which, rumor has it, is haunted D: in case you suck at history, this guy William Kellie Smith built it for his wife (bring in the AWWWWS, b*tches) but she tragically died, and William also died soon after, which means the castle was never completed. Here's a picture of the not-yet-completed part :D

We had an awesome time there though. The stairs were really narrow, and the champagne storage shelves and the bar was really chilly (time to start those ghost sounds). On the roof of the castle, everyone was sitting down on the top floor as they were afraid of heights, but these three brave-asses K.aylyn F.aris C.ynthia (or KFC) skip around happily while I sang Top Of The World by The Cataracts :D Here's a photo!

That's me with in the middle, with my Beats by Dr. Dre headphones, Cynthia's on the right and Kaylyn, happy as always, on the far left :P (sorry you were a little far apart there Kaylyn xD)

So, as I was butt-ass tired, I slept through approximately three quarters of the journey back, and my stupid neck went out of control and I leaned on Kaylyn during my sleep =.=" (maybe that's why I had those sweet dreams? HAHA JK XD) anyway Cynthia pushed me to the window but thanks to the speed of the bus, and the number of left turns, my neck went out of control yet again. At some point Cynthia even squeezed my nose and said "I'll stop you from breathing" but the technique failed, haha :D We reached the school at around 7.20 p.m. and waved our good byes, I reached home, prayed and slept with a happy feeling :D


So, a big thanks to the teachers and the school for organizing this trip, thank you to my parents for letting me go, and lastly thanks to my friends for giving me the time of my life ;) I appreciate it, people :D

     Oh yes, unless you're blind, you could clearly see that I've installed a Facebook "like" button on your right, so be sure to click it! You know I love you guys ;) So, it's a challenging day of cycling tomorrow, good night and sweet dreams! :D

And you, I love you more than ever now ;)

no h8.