Monday, 25 June 2012

What Do I Stand For?

The most amazing things, they can come from some terrible lies.

Greetings :) It's been a while. And by 'a while' I mean 7 WHOLE MONTHS since I last touched this blog. I'm temporarily living at a different house while my actual one is being renovated, and this one has no Internet. Sometimes I wonder how am I still sane from all those long months of being stuck at home doing nothing..

 Great news though, I'd be able to blog again by July insyaAllah. I just can't wait to move back to USJ11 :) 

     It's been an eventful 7 months that passed by only too quickly for me, I mean it seems like such a short time ago when I was on my first day as a secondary school, and now I've became a probate, won a bronze medal for the school athletics, won another bronze medal for Kadet Polis, made a whole lot of friends and won another two medals for Norton. It all passed by too quickly :-)

     I'm looking forward to my Sports Day this weekend even though I only have one event, but I'm getting a bronze medal for 800. And I really can't wait for July. That's when I'll blog again :) Till then.

no h8.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

'Cus It's Gotta Be You .


As you can see this blog is all nicely edited by my awesome sister. Thank you very much Kak Min! :D 

     For the second time, hello. These past few days have been tiring for me, with my practice, my gaming, my onlining, going to the park, dumbbell exercises and God-knows-what-else, so I've rarely found time to blog. This is like school inside a holiday, where you have to wake up early and be disciplined and other shit. But yeah I kind of enjoy it ^_^

Sooo a very good friend of mine is leaving this country to go on a holiday to France, and I'm still stuck here wiping my fake MW3 disc cause it gets unreadable every single time I try to break my record in Survival Mode, that crap "The disc is unreadable. 1. Clean the disc with a soft cloth 2. Restart the console" comes up. EVERY SINGLE GOD DAMNED TIME.

     Well for now, forget about that. My schedule has seriously been pretty tight lately, but after some time I'm FINALLY going rollerskating tomorrow, where I can just chill and forget about the world, and meet my friends, and hang out, all that (: It'd be awesome, yeah!

Soooo I hope you all enjoy your holidays and make the most out of it cause seriously, as much as I hate to say this, time is running out :( The Name's Faris, nickname "Sergeant Frost", signing out :)

no h8.

In Progress

Blog revamp on the waaaay, people :)
-Yasmin (clickhere)-

Faris, nak upah.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

A Short Story.

This is just a story. Usage of imagination is recommended. This CAN be prevented.

     Year 2011. People being people, are using the biggest of plastic bags for the smallest of things. People being people, the biggest of cars are only occupied by one individual. People being people, they are ignorant. They want to enjoy in the present and don't look to the future, no matter how aware they were.

Typical type of humans ; They do something that they know they'll regret in the future. Typical humans - are stupid.

     As the years went by, scientists began to uncover new areas that has a lot of fuel supplies, but at the same time technology experts are inventing new forms of technology that requires a darn lot of electricity which uses petroleum, and humans being humans, they prefer the joy rather than the consequences of having no more resources.

The search for petroleum itself requires fuel. Twenty years later, it becomes harder and harder to find the fossil fuels, and the scientists decided that it would just waste fuel in searching, knowing that they won't find any more. The coal has become so close to depleting, and there were no more mining fields that are to be uncovered. Natural gas are also depleted.

     After giving up on their search for fossil fuels, scientists decided to keep a few million litres - just in case. The advance in technology finally allows them to make cars that run on "unlimited" resources - water and biomass mostly. The human race became relaxed of the fact that they finally have a hope to stay alive. But humans being humans - some were very greedy. They guzzled these unlimited resources just like they had done with the limited - except they did so more, because of the thought that these resources were unlimited.

It is the year 2108. The human race were on the brink of extinction. The resources that made the third planet of the Solar System a special one - were wiped off the face of the planet. What was once the seas were nothing but rocks and what used to be corals. Many fish lay on those rocks - dead. The forests were shaven bald, they were no more. The only planet which is just perfect for living has been destroyed, not by alien life - by the inhabitants itself.

     The humans had nothing to eat - how can they have anything, if the animals that was their food source are extinct themselves? The animals have nowhere to live. Even pet cats and dogs escaped from their owners - else they will be eaten under desperation for food. Humans start killing each other just for something to eat. It became more of a hobby.

There were no more greeneries. Even water, what that was claimed to be unlimited, was becoming very, very scarce. Beaches turned into a rocky desert. The ice at the Two Poles were all melted - and the water produced from the melt was nowhere to be found. Every drop of rain became very, very valuable - people started drinking raindrops, and just a drop was enough to quench their dying of thirst.

     And the best part - all the greedy men, the fuel guzzlers and the ones that didn't even care of the future, are now the ones with hearts full of regret. But regret is nothing now, it is already too late to change anything. The resources we boast about are no more, except for the always-precious air. And now the men are paying the scientists to invent things with air, but what was the use? Even if they succeeded, the Earth they once knew, the planet they once loved, was nothing any more. All the beauties were lost.

Slowly and slowly, one by one of men and women, children and babies started to die. The men had lost hope, and so had the women. Children and babies starve to death. The last of people cried and cried before their deaths - regretting the fact that they once had everything they needed - but they were wasted. And now they were no more. And now, there will be no time machine to turn back and eradicate all the ignorance. As quoted, "People will not know the true value of something - until they lose it."

But by that time, it'd be already too late.

     This can be stopped. You can start by just turning off a switch, or car pooling, or using public transport, or conserving fuel by using transports such as bicycles or your two feet. There are more than 5 billion people on Earth. If they all act together, than the possibility of the scientists successfully discovering a new resource to start over with is likelier than us dying before the scientists make a progress.

It's our Earth. We can save it together (:

no h8.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Anybody Miss Me? Guess Not

Yes, this post would be wasted on making excuses on why I didn't blog for a few weeks.

     For a second there I seriously thought of giving up this blog cause I have to make the most out of the holidays I have to date with my XBox 360. No, seriously.

Actually I have been very busy lately, I've been invited to quite a lot of outings, parties etc and the time when I reach home I'll be online but only for a few minutes, and then my sister or brother would be wanting the laptop so I'll be moving on to COD, and then when I come back online I'd be chatting with Kaylyn or if I don't come back online I'll be taking a nap, and at night I'll either be chatting with Kaylyn or playing Dead Space 2 OR already snoring on the couch in front of the TV.

     I haven't been on a cycling trip for one week now, my last cycling trip was in Genting Sempah. It was by far my best time yet, making my personal best of only 1 hour 20 minutes up and down, 32 kilometres. I know this can be improved though (:

There was no rest there, I followed my brother for Olahraga training throughout the whole weekdays, and then there was yesterday's birthday futsal, so I'm pretty much firetrucked up. Body aches everywhere, but it's nothing a little (or a DAMN LOT) of Modern Warfare can't fix, really. 

     Ngeeeeh . I really miss spending time with her. I dunno why I'm saying this, but I think I'm the only one looking forward to school, but that's only because the fact that I'll see her again, every single day (:

Honestly though, I CAN'T WAIT! :D

Oh and by the way, people might forgive you, but the smart ones would never be so stupid to trust you again. Stop being such an asshole, and maybe people will start to accept you again.

Now if you excuse me, I have to kill Russians in the TV screen.

no h8.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Story Of My Life :P

What's up peeps and animals, especially cats, frogs, wolves and goldfish, goldfi , goldfishes - whatever the plural is - Say "hello" to yet another day of your life, whether you like it or not. There's actually no particular topic to be talked about today, but as usual I'm gonna do it for the sake of you people, anyway.

     So yesterday was the only day of my holiday so far that was out of the ordinary, cause my friends and I went to The Wheels Subang Avenue and when we were there, we met a bunch of awesome people, had fun and stuff like that :P Besides all the bruises, I'm still kind of satisfied that I got to get out of the house and just hang with friends, cause honestly I don't want to spend another holiday doing the things I always do - Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, movie, cycling, sleep. I guess if I did that this holiday would be another pointless one, and my one and half month - WASTED :P

But, after all those endless begging to buy it quick and the usual shizz, I'm finally getting an XBox 360 for us siblings (remember to thank me Fai and Fir :P) so I guess this holiday would not be spent doing the same, boring old routine again. Alhamdulillah! :D

     And this weekend I'm finally spending time with my family for three whole days at two hotels, no, not for a holiday - for my passion, my sport, cycling. We're going for a Fun Ride in Raub on Saturday, which consists of 60 kilometres of rolling terrains, and after that driving to a hotel up Fraser's Hill with the bike on the car, and then going all the way downhill, and climbing back up the hill again. (It's sort of like making a whole lap :D) That would give me something to do, and I'd have the chance to prove that age doesn't matter in sport, AGAIN. I love that part the most :)

I'm also downloading an awesome PC Game right now on the MacBook so I guess you could say that everything's going my way now. (Thank you Allah, and of course FAMILY) And if you say that, it might just be true, but I hope nothing comes up to sort of ruin everything, like it has many times in my life before. *don't say that you douche, think positive*

     I do hope that this muscle pain heals before my cycling trip though. I was still failing at rollerskating yesterday for around one hour, and after that I was kind of tired of falling and hurting my ass, so I just looked at how people did it and added in a little bit of scientific shizz, and amazingly it worked. I also made a theory of it to be similar to cycling, don't ask how I did it cause it doesn't matter, the only thing that matters was I could finally skate the around six rounds on The Wheels without stopping - and more importantly falling. I'm glad this mind of mine finds its way to learn though, yeah I know I'm awesome . *insert a self-compliment*

Well I guess that's about it for my Thursday post. I might not be posting on Sunday too, but that all depends on the existence of an Internet connection at the hotel up Fraser's. And if life isn't going your way, cheer up! God is always by your side, always. Maybe He's just saving your enjoyment for the future, for a better time. Keep the smile on peeps, cats, frogs and other creatures reading this :)

Till then, thanks for reading :)
no h8.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

WR :)

In life people will leave you from time to time, but in our hearts they stay intact, and sometimes departures can make us value a person more than we have ever done before. This is one of those times.

Keep the swagger on, and stay strong k? Hee, hope you no forget us :) HIII blog, as my Tuesday post I'd like you to meet WATHIQAH ROSLI :D

That's the best photo of you in my opinion x)
Your hair is awesome.

     Without us realizing, we've already known each other for nine years. I know that we weren't really close as before when I'm in Standard 4 until now we weren't as close as before, but you still seek me when you need help in something you know I can assist you in, and I still do you favors and stuff, so we were still friends nonetheless, if not the best of them. 

It's kind of hard to believe that after all these years you're going to leave us at 12 already though... I mean, it's times like these where I regret that in the nine years we knew I didn't get to know you properly and all :/ Dear Time, why do you have to fly so quickly -_- 

     I still remember when we were four or five where you would come at around 9 am every single day, and you always walk in class when we're all already studying. And I feel like crying now because it's so unfair how time flies so fast. Still, we got to share good times like the ones during that Perak trip, and I'm thankful for that :) Like the time when you, Nazhif, Nathra and the gang was on the float and I was like pushing Wardina and that float flipped (Y) AWESOME :D 

As a matter of fact, you're like the person that my parents kenal the most and every time I mention you they'll be like "Ohh, Wathiqah, you people are still friends? Woaah, lama nya" and all that. Yeah, even they realize of this long term friendship (Y)

     Well throughout these days thank you for being awesome, thank you for all the help you've given, and thank you for everything you have done, really. If you had any mistakes you fear I wouldn't forgive, well I urge you to eradicate that feeling now cause I forgive every wrong you have done, if there was even any :) (I don't think you ever done any wrongs, eh?)

And about your results, well, don't take it too hardly k? Because the statuses you made.. especially the "voice of disappointment from your parents", really made me sad when I read it. Stay strong, and since it's too late to change the past then why bother being sad about this? It's just the UPSR. Soo, work harder in the future aite? And, al-Fatihah and takziah to your grandfather. I'm really sorry for the loss :(

     Stay strong girl, and I hope you forgive me if sometimes my jokes were too much and stuff like that, and at times where I bother you with your problems, well, it's just because I care actually but sometimes you just want to be left alone.. so, my sincerest apologies for all of my wrongs, and I know there were some.

Lastly, keep the swag on aite? I truly respect you, cause after so much you've been through you still manage to stifle that awesome smile of yours :) Good luck in life at your next school, NEVER EVER FORGET ME CAUSE I FOR SURE WON'T FORGET YOU! :D

hope you enjoyed,
faris :)