Saturday, 8 October 2011

How Quickly Something Anticipated Turns Into The Past .

How time flies when you're having fun .

So, I recently went to this trip to Perak as you might as well know, and I decide to share some photos :) (only ones I like of course)

On the way there... Me listening to Jumpstart by These Kids Wear Crowns :D

First destination, mangrove forest :) Me with two teachers and Noie :D

Nazhif :D We were in some sort of place that they burn charcoal in, we couldn't see anything and this was thanks to the flash of the camera :P

Taiping Museum :D

Checking out @ Legend Inn Perak, sitting with Noie. Shafiq B's pants is falling off! XD *hope you don't mind JayHard*

Two tree lovers ! <3 :P

By the lake. Nice pose Kaylyn :D Me and Cynthia laughing at a joke ... Oh, and nice biceps, me! :P

The view, as seen from the lake at Ipoh :D

Me, in my tight pants, putting my leg on Kaylyn's seat XD this was before Tambun, used my second-fav jeans as my pyjamas :P

Two of the many people in the world I can't live without.. <3 before the swim at The Lost World of Tambun :D

Group photo outside The Lost World :D I'm not there though, but she is <3 :)

     So, firstly we went on the small slides on the pool, and I took of my shirt to show my apparently skinny torso, twisted my shirt and whipped people with it >:D #LIKEABOSS! And then we decided to go to the bigger water slides, the ones that we have to use floats on

So, after that it was watersliding time, and I went on the float firstly with Shafiq Basha, then with Kaylyn and Zikry :D the first time, Kaylyn was going like "Oh, no I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die!" so I convinced her like "You're gonna be fine, if anything happens I'm here", you know, shit like that :D It was damn nice! There were eight of them, and we went on them all, and it was a nice feeling to scream when you're going fast (Y) 

Unfortunately no pictures were taken, it's a water park there so we need water-proof cameras which no one has x)

     And then me, Jack, Kaylyn, Cynthia and Noie went to this pool where the current was so strong. We were supposed to just rent a float and let the waves carry us, but we were walking on our hands like retards of nature.. and Jack was walking on his feet and leaving us behind #LIKEABOSS at least I got to hold your hand and swiftly move through the currents (although it wasn't at all "swiftly") :P

Next it was time for the dry parks, and the only good thing about it was the rocking boat thingy :P was looking forward to a roller-coaster but there wasn't one :( I've never been to a theme park before, sad right ...

     So, when we went back on the bus, I switched place with Cynthia and sat next to her, and I slept soundly as I was b*tch-ass tired, and then we went to Kellie's Castle, which, rumor has it, is haunted D: in case you suck at history, this guy William Kellie Smith built it for his wife (bring in the AWWWWS, b*tches) but she tragically died, and William also died soon after, which means the castle was never completed. Here's a picture of the not-yet-completed part :D

We had an awesome time there though. The stairs were really narrow, and the champagne storage shelves and the bar was really chilly (time to start those ghost sounds). On the roof of the castle, everyone was sitting down on the top floor as they were afraid of heights, but these three brave-asses K.aylyn F.aris C.ynthia (or KFC) skip around happily while I sang Top Of The World by The Cataracts :D Here's a photo!

That's me with in the middle, with my Beats by Dr. Dre headphones, Cynthia's on the right and Kaylyn, happy as always, on the far left :P (sorry you were a little far apart there Kaylyn xD)

So, as I was butt-ass tired, I slept through approximately three quarters of the journey back, and my stupid neck went out of control and I leaned on Kaylyn during my sleep =.=" (maybe that's why I had those sweet dreams? HAHA JK XD) anyway Cynthia pushed me to the window but thanks to the speed of the bus, and the number of left turns, my neck went out of control yet again. At some point Cynthia even squeezed my nose and said "I'll stop you from breathing" but the technique failed, haha :D We reached the school at around 7.20 p.m. and waved our good byes, I reached home, prayed and slept with a happy feeling :D


So, a big thanks to the teachers and the school for organizing this trip, thank you to my parents for letting me go, and lastly thanks to my friends for giving me the time of my life ;) I appreciate it, people :D

     Oh yes, unless you're blind, you could clearly see that I've installed a Facebook "like" button on your right, so be sure to click it! You know I love you guys ;) So, it's a challenging day of cycling tomorrow, good night and sweet dreams! :D

And you, I love you more than ever now ;)

no h8.


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  2. SORRY JACQUELINA XD Jacquelina has installed a Facebook like button for me, there, satisfied? :D
    And Cynthia, I think so too :P