Thursday, 29 September 2011

Hate to Be Racist, but.. *says something racist*

Racism is a man's greatest threat to man - the maximum of hatred for the minimum of a reason.

     So, if you are a Malay especially, I'm sure the situation in that headline have happened to you, at least once. If it haven't, you wouldn't know how it hurts inside, for your race or color to be insulted like that. And if it was a racist joke, you'd know how you've tried to hide the pain of having your blood and veins insulted by laughing it out; but failing.

As I had said before, when I type in this blog I also remind my own self, and I must admit I've been delivering a little offensive racist jokes to my classmates sometimes, so this typing acts to me as a reminder to myself not to deliver such jokes anymore, no matter how many of those they tell me.

     Stop the shit with racist jokes people, it's not funny. "Jokes", they call it. Well bullshit like that isn't funny, it might be to you, but just imagine if someone offends your race? It wouldn't be that funny to you then, wouldn't it? Point is, don't do to people what you don't want to be done to you. So even though you're thinking that it might be funny, stop with the racist jokes. Race is something you can't change about yourself; the only thing you can do is be proud of it. And these racist "jokes" are like telling that some mother is fat when she is pregnant (which is unchangeable) just for joking purposes. In other words, it's cruelty. 

Now, racist jokes are popular, cause they're JOKES, which are easy for people to follow and, you know, shit like that. So if you respect your own race, and respect others' races more than your own, then I hope you make an effort just by not speaking of racist "jokes".

So, let us stop with these crap.
It is the first step to stop such bullshit acts as racism.

no h8.

I'm Gonna Give All My Secrets Away .

Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.

     Well, what is up people? Sorry for a day without a post, I was on the bicycle trainer yesterday, when I went to the park and almost got FREAKING KILLED, and, well, in shorter words I was tired. But don't worry, I'm posting today and right now, so yeah. Isn't that good enough for you people? 

Anyway if you're hating on me just because of one day without a post, I don't mind, I've still got 14 Followers on me and you can click the [x] button, it would be all so simple.

But if you prefer to stay, then read on while I give you this internet-hug :) (is there even such a thing?)

     So... Recently I was waiting for my transport van to come and fetch me home yesterday, and I saw my friend sitting alone so I decided to talk to her to make time pass a bit. Yeah, waiting is one hell of a boring shit. So when I sat next to her, suddenly the Malay gangs came and sat around us, which made me feel really annoyed, cause I've had enough of them at school, with their hands up my ass and always squeezing my.. never mind. 

Anywhore, when they came there, they attracted their friends, and their friends attracted their friends.. and soon enough me and my friend couldn't even talk in peace.

     No, I'm not being too unappreciative about anything here, nor am I trying to point out anything that makes me a little vain. But I'm kind of.. how the heck do I say this without showing off or anything?? Not that I meant it to happen, but I'm kind of known at school, yeah. #mostappropriatetermusablewithoutdisplayingtoomuchvain

So, I'm thankful for all I currently have, but sometimes, I just want to be left alone. We all have those times right? Times where you just want peace of mind, and you want to one to interrupt. But I never really get those times. And before you all get to thinking the wrong things about me I also wanna point out there are people out there who are like this; 

So I should be thankful for what I have and everything, well I AM, but I just don't want too much. You see what I mean rite? I don't dislike it, but I just want to be left alone sometimes. I repeat SOMETIMES .

Why is it that some people just don't understand that we don't wanna talk to them, that we're ignoring them, that we DISLIKE their attitude? I've done all I can, but people just don't get it that I wanna be left alone. I wonder what do you people who always ignore others do? And if you're reading this while thinking I'm talking about you, then I just wanna say (or type) "NO, IT'S NOT YOU I'M TALKING ABOUT." When I blog, I don't direct it at a specific someone. I type generally, for all to read and appreciate, including my own self when I type. 

    And; one more thing. Just because I talk to a girl, doesn't mean we're together or anything. Why is it that you bitches straight away jump to conclusion? I do whatever the hell I wanna, and you just gotta hate me or love me for it. No one, I repeat NO ONE changes me, except for God Almighty.

Lastly, the bicycle is calling my name right now, and I just can't take the sound so good bye, FOR NOW :)

no h8.


Tuesday, 27 September 2011

On His Face Is A Map of The World.

The fact that there is a bad word in "happiness" just goes to show you, there is something bad in every good thing.

     So, this is just one of those times that I run out of things to blog about as nothing worth doing so is popping out in my life, but sometimes that's a good thing you know? Because most things I write about are of my troubles and rarely my triumphs, so this lack of happenings also means a lack of trouble in this bumpy road of life.

Hey, I just made it through a paragraph, when I say I've ran out of things to talk about. That's an achievement.

     Anyway I'm back to making my jokes now, since for yesterday I've got nothing better to do than finish my sister's book, "Kane And Abel" by Jeffrey Archer. But YOU came today, and seeing you in your school uniform again after so long just cooled my heart, and I only managed to finish 45 pages of "The Eleventh Commandment" by Jeffrey Archer due to the stares I gave you. That's right, time to bring in the "AWWWW"s. 


There there, enough now. 
By the way you might have noticed that I rarely blog about situation as often as I blog inspiration (extra clap for making that rhyme, please?) but let today be an exception since we did something awesome at school :)

     So in Science lesson, we had to make some shit out of recycled stuff, and the "some shit" could be anything, it can be microorganisms, planets, tables, dust, or even your mom if you want to. But making your mom out of recycled stuff would eat up all the recyclables on Earth. No, seriously.


NOW NOW, there's no need to go and tell your mom I said this, and be all like "Mom, mom, look at what this kid said about you!" and all that, and most of all don't let your moms read this - the seniors in life has less sense of humor than a can of pineapples.

     Anyway, the project. My friend Aishane wanted a platypus since she liked Phineas and Ferb so much, and was like "I wanna make a platypus" all around, but this other guy in my group, le awesome Daniel, wanted a house, and when I said "No, SERIOUSLY, what are we making," he would answer "House." Yep, he said the same thing several times. And me, I wanted something that flies (not truly of course), so whenever Aishane said "We're making a platypus", I would finish the sentence with "..that flies." Yeah, I know, I'm cool liddat 8D

So, me with my awesomeness, I made up this idea of a vehicle that has wheels and wings, which is, in short, a flying car, just that it's shaped like a platypus and has a house on top. Unfortunately we had to drop the house plan since we had enough trouble without it, and decided adding more would make it worse.

     And there you go, me with my awesomeness, Aishane with her creativity in designing, and the other two of being pure-hardworking slaves of us two, we have created The Flying Platypus Contraption-inator :) I promise you people that if I live to see the completion of this Spritzer box-bodied flying vehicle with a beak and a tail which breathes through lungs but lay eggs - the only mammal that does so, too - I would post a picture of it on Blogger or Facebook.

Oh, I just realized that I'm back to my awesome self. It's good to be back!
And lastly, I apologize for my display of vain and that one small Mom joke - which is not exactly that small - but you can stop reading this site if you want to, but if you miss out on all the awesomeness, you know who NOT to call :)

no h8.

Monday, 26 September 2011

One quick announcement.

So, yeah, I've changed the blog URL and I'm avoiding mentioning my blog to my parents now, so I guess there'll be no more "beeps" or stars preventing you from enjoying usage of any swearing done.

Next, about the last post.
Feel free to voice out your opinions on what you think my actions on the matter should be, you can do it at the section to your right, and you can only miss it if you're blind. But then again if you're blind you wouldn't be reading this, so it shall be safe to assume that you can see the section to your right labelled as "SAY ALL YOU WANT :)". You can't miss it, it's in capital letters, god damn it.

And let me also point out that if you add this website to the list of blogs that you follow, tomorrow will be a magical day for you. Trust me, I just got a call from a satisfied Honey Badger saying that it worked for him. And as I said before if it did for him, I don't see why it wouldn't for you. Try it, add this to the sites you follow, now!

You know what, if you actually fell for that, I love you.
But not, and never will be, as much as I love that one special person :)

no h8.

How Do I Choose Between My Head and Heart?

When you truly love someone, you do what it takes. Sometimes, that is letting go, no matter how pain .

     I sometimes think I should stop loving you, because if you truly love someone, sometimes you have to do what's best for them. And sometimes, what's best for them is for you to just let go. And this is one of those times.

Firstly, I apologize for not keeping you people updated for the weekend. Yeah, I know, weekends are supposed to be THE TIME to blog, but I've been busy. It's the final festive month weekend, and hopefully, there will be no more open houses on the next. Hey, no hate. I'm still trying my best as I promised, but what can you do if time doesn't permit you to? That's right, nothing.


You mother*beep*ers might notice that from the first part of the topic, I am experiencing some really hard *beep*. I'm not really gonna tell you what it is, about, alright maybe I will, but briefly, and let me tell you that whatever you're trying to do, it's not helping. Except if your name is Cynthia Lorraine Silva.

It's just that the person I love ignores the feeling I have for her, and what use is love when only one of the two feels it? It's like.. chicken rice without the chicken. Like bread and butter without butter. Like fried rice without the rice. Like a guy without a... never mind, I think you should get the point by now.

     I've never cared about the fact that she ignores this feeling. Until now, of course. Seriously, how long can you ignore? You're bound to crack sometime. And, a lot of my friends tell me that they should see my face every time I see her, or the way I forget everything else when she's around, or my smile when we talk, before even considering letting go. But, even if I don't, what's the use, if she doesn't give a *beep* about the feeling I have for her?

As I had quoted on my Facebook status 18 hours ago, "I'm still holding on - but I'm tired of ignoring the fact that you ignore the fact - the fact that I LOVE YOU."

     So, what is the point of one-sided love, anyway? It is ME who stares at her every time she walks by. ME who gets butterflies in my stomach whenever she's around. ME who forgets about everything else when we talk. ME who's got this feeling. Not her. NEVER her, in fact, now that I think of it. And what's the point in telling her how much I love her? It would be a wastage of a precious RM0.10 of prepaid. She wouldn't give a *beep* then, so I don't see why she would now.

In case you're wondering "WHAT NOW?", I'll let the answer remain to myself, and Cynthia, of course. And lastly, to Cynthia if you're reading this, you're not forcing me to do anything. I am acting by my own will, my dear friend :) And, a big thanks for all the help. I owe you all the fortune I could lay my hands on.

P.S. You might notice those *beeps*. My mom reads my blog, in case you're wondering. Good bye, I'm going back to my despair :)

Maybe, all I need is a little patience.

no h8.


Friday, 23 September 2011

Regret .

If loving you is wrong, I don't want to be right (:

You are right. As much as I hate to admit this, you are right, and once again, me the opposite. The decision must be made before you execute, which was my mistake. I executed before I decide, and it almost cost me... my life. My precious, valuable, and never-could-be-replaced life.

First of all I would like to apologize for not posting for these two days, it's just that I could not find time to blog or the right topic to blog about. And, I was also too busy being AWESOME! 

No, seriously, I was.

By the way if you're wondering what the thing on top was it's just some random stuff. Nothing happened for you to be worried about, I can assure you that. NOTHING AT ALL.

Now, to the main topic.
Regret. A useless thing to do, truthfully speaking. Totally useless. What is done, is done. Nothing can be done to change that fact, except for time-travel, which is, according to laws of physics, currently impossible. (even if you go through a black hole, [which is also unlikely as it's gravity can turn you into soup] that would be aging slowly, not time-travel)

   Now, you can't change the past. For an example, you can't change the fact that you just opened this site a few minutes ago. But you can change the future. Like, if you think this is time-wasting, you can get back to your CatVideos or Facebook or anything. That is changing the future. But for the past, nothing can be done. 

The least you could do is work hard for the future, and know you've done all you can. That way, when you fail, you won't fail with regret. You fail successfully, in other words you fail by knowing that you've done your best to succeed. There will be no regret on that. 

   But if you DIDN'T work hard, you'd have to feel a little regret nonetheless, but still, there's nothing you can do. You cry tears of blood, but nothing can change the past. So if you didn't work hard, try to take the regret to your advantage, and don't be like "Oh, fudge myself, I didn't work hard". Instead, think positively about the feeling of regret and be like "This is because I didn't work hard. I must do so in the future". And that way, you will be a successful person :)

Regret is not such a bad feeling if you think positively about it. Think of it as an insult that motivates, like when people say you suck, don't cry all about it, but prove it to the person that you DON'T. The same thing with regret. Use it to your advantage.
To regret is just as useless as to hate, you hate on someone but they don't give a sh**, you regret something but nothing can change it. Work hard in the future and avoid regret.

Remember; the best of people are ones who let go of the past, cherish the present, and work hard for the future. 

no h8.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Annoying little... never mind .

So, yeah, have you ever had someone annoying who you can't shake you off? That someone everyone has in their life, who talks to you even when you show zero percent attention? Come on admit it, everyone has one of those in their lives . So these people, I'm telling you straight-forwardly, should know when they're being too annoying and just shut their mouths at some point? Even when I make the obviousness that I am annoyed so obvious that no common person can not observe, you still annoy me. Get a grip of yourself, man.

      God, it's the weekdays and it's 10 p.m. And I'm home alone here, youtubing, facebooking, blogging. Kind of becoming a pro multi-tasker like my friend Noie, heheh :3

Anyway, since I've got no particular thing to post about today, I'll just share this video to you.. Check it out! :D

Dayyuuuuum, I pity that man. Let that be a lesson to you people, if you're in a good position, there is no need to be arrogant, or all the good things would be pulled away from you. Now, it's either that's the lesson, or it is, simply,


Now if you're asking me, I prefer the latter (:

One more thing I would like to add up here is that just because this one post suck, I hope none of you will be like hatin' or anything. I mean come on, it's just one day that I'm fresh outta ideas. So, again, I do hope none of you will be like "Damn, I hate this guy" or anything. Aite, promise? Good. You know I love you guys, or girls, or animals, or microorganisms, or aliens, whichever you are :D

Now, in life it's always like that, respected people, who has helped the country, team or whatever it is, makes one little slip-up, and they go from LOVED to HATED ETERNALLY. 
Aite, I have got to go, bed is calling and I have got to answer.

no h8.

Monday, 19 September 2011


Rolling on the floor laughing my *ss off so hard until I fell of my dinosaur, just kidding I don't have a dinosaur, but if I did I would name it Wilburt!


LOL. ME. MY AWESOMENESS. AND YOU THINK. I'M. Jealous. Of. You? Hahahahahahahahaha . My reaction :-

Come on, seriously man? And I thought after all these blog posts you might know what the honey badger doesn't give. And I also thought you might have known that I don't give anything the honey badger doesn't :D I mean, who cares if you have access to the intel wanted by the CIA, well someone in the world might but that someone isn't Ahmad Faris bin Ahmad Rizal. 

This man is funny, that's all I can say. He knows everything and has like information source to all the sh** that doesn't matter to me. And he goes around and brag about it, acting as if he knows everything in the world. Well first of all let me get this straight. If I were him and had information on the things honey badger doesn't care about, I would just keep it to myself. Even when it will benefit people, we can share it, but only to people who matter to us. There's no need to go all "Hey, hot b*tches, come at me! I have all the info about the coming exam paper that you would do anything to get!". Alright maybe I exaggerate a little, but you get the point.

One more thing I wanna settle right away, this blog isn't meant to expose the b*tchyness of this person, and if you noticed I wouldn't even tell you who this person is because I know, just like Justin Bieber, that this person has feelings that is, indeed, fragile. Only certain people, people who matter, will know. And if that person reads this, even though it is highly unlikely, I just wanna say stop acting like a b*tch. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut, if you don't wish to change yourself to be a better person in the future, then go on cause...

Le Honey Badger doesn't give a single poop cell.

Now if some of you are going like "Is there even such a thing as a poop cell?", I'd say "I SAY WHAT I WANNA SAY YOU MOTHERFUDGERS, CAUSE THE HONEY BADGER DOESN'T GIVE A SH**!" I keed, people, I'm not mad at you. UNLESS YOU READ THIS POST AND DON'T COMMENT ON IT! Naw, I'm not upset or anything. You are what you wanna become and you should also follow the honey badger principle of not even giving a sh**! That way you'll be a successful person in life. (dedicated to the person this post is dedicated to!) One last thing, me and that girl hates you, and glad that you're finally fudgeing off, actually.
No, actually, this is the last thing. Now I just got a call from a friend, and she told me she clicked the 'Join This Site' button, and her step-dad magically stops drinking and finally gets a job! Try clicking it yourself, it might work for you :D

no h8.

Party Rockin' .

In case you wanna know, this is how I'm feeling right now :)
And if you don't wanna know, honey badger doesn't give a sh**!

So, school is pretty much fun now since my exam has finished, and today we had so much laughter, so basically I love school now. And no, I'm not a nerd for doing so. If you still think I'm a nerd then FUDGE YOU! 

Well then I just don't see the exact point of this post or whether or not it will benefit mankind, but I don't give what the honey badger doesn't so yeah :D Anyway I'm still in my school uniform with eaten yoghurt at one side and my glasses on the other, and the Mac in front of me, and even though my eyes are hurting pretty badly I still won't stop being on Damn!LOL, Youtube and, of course, Facebook. Talk about being ADDICTED :D
So, now it's pretty much a boring life now, since I haven't gotten the game my mom PROMISED to get me after examination but still, when I ask her, she jumps to another topic and acts as if she can't hear anything, and she is good at it. Honestly, I've gotta learn a few tricks on ignoring from my mom. 

Readers, my bicycle is already calling my name and my eyes are sore as hell, so I guess this is farewell .

Oh yes, I just wanna add that if you click the 'Join This Site' button, your puberty process will speed up! Come on, what kind of girl wouldn't love chest hairs and a deep sexy voice? So freaking


no h8,


Sunday, 18 September 2011

One Lucky Person .

With all the supernova going on in outer space, and all the things that the honey badger doesn't give, people are starting not to realize about the beautiful things in life. I log into my Facebook every day, (no surprises there) and I always see my News Feed spammed with Hate statuses, "I wish you die" statuses, "God I don't wanna live" statuses, people saying their lives suck, and much, much more.

Well I'm kind of saddened at the fact that some people aren't thankful for the things they have, which is what motivated me to post this in the first place. And as my last post had said, if you think this topic is all bullsh** you can, of course, get the hell of this page. It only needs a mouse movement and a click, which won't trouble you, or you could read on while knowing that I LOVE YOU for doing so :)

Well, you may not have the fortune of Oprah Winfrey, or a body shaped like Megan Fox, or the sweet voice of Bruno Mars, or the fame of Eminem, or the speed of Usain Bolt, or the road bike of Mark Cavendish, or the AWESOMENESS OF MYSELF! (what is a blog post without a little vain in it, eh?) but you have to be thankful that you are, right now, alive, with your heart still beating, and you have an electronic device that allows you to read this post which is good enough already! Did you know that many people in countries such as India and Africa are living in poverty? Or, that the Palestinian kids are still under fear, as they could get shot anytime, anywhere, and die? Consider yourself as 


I mean C'MON MAN! There are millions of people, possibly billions, who doesn't know such thing as the internet or doesn't even have an electronic device! Point is people, be thankful for all that you have. And about you people who posts stuff like "God please, I don't wanna live anymore" on Facebook or anything, I just wanna tell you that there are kids in Palestine living in the streets, while struggling to hide every day because they could get shot in the FREAKING STREETS! 

So, yeah, learn to appreciate, love all that you have before time makes you realize what you HAD, and those struggles in life? They're just like hills during cycling. You just got to put up with the gradient (or the suffering), and if you pedal hard enough (or push yourself to get out of the struggle), you will get out of the sh** soon enough. 

Last thing, if you read this and you're appreciating all you have, then I want you to know I love you. But if you don't you know what the honey badger doesn't give, and if the honey badger doesn't give a sh**, I probably won't too. Now just be yourself, no more "I hate myself cause I don't have a voice of Bruno Mars", or "Damn, why don't I have a body shape like Megan Fox?", or "Fudge you Daddy, cause you won't give me a bike like Cavendish's S-Works Venge + McLaren!" or something similar. 

Well then, the honey badger has got to go now, which means I have got to go too :S

no h8.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Online "LOVE"

Might be a weird blog title, but hey, I'm here to voice out my opinions and if you disagree, you can always


and if you don't feel this as "crappy", then keep reading. I love you.

      So, the reason of this topic is to tell you how I feel about this new stuff going on called Online "so-called" love. It's basically, well, what is there to say about what it is basically? It's basically ONLINE. Like you are now. And "so-called" love. And by now you might have noticed I put a "so-called" before the love, and that is for one reason and one reason only - this thing is FAKE. 

It's faker than a Nike that is spelled without the "N". Faker than a woman farting. (women don't fart, rite?) Or, as Ray William Johnson said it, faker than a JERSEY SHORE SUN TAN. I dunno what that should mean as I don't watch Jersey Shore, but maybe some of you readers do? Well, you should remember what the Honey Badger doesn't give...

Let's stay on topic here by the way.. So online love is fake, yeah. I mean if you love, and truly do, you don't, like, do it online like..

*on Facebook*
Boy: I love you
Girl: I love you too! Muax ~

Well, this is acceptable when you still go out on dates and *SNUGGLE SNUGGLE SNUGGLE* every now and then but if you, just, like stick your eyes in the Mac and say you love the guy or girl repeatedly then I wanna say that you're just wasting your time. I mean come on, there's no such thing as purely online love. You could be typing sweet and lovey-dovey sh** on the Mac while saying "Damn, this b***** is annoying. Can't she just log out?" to yourself behind the screen? Or you could be typing away you love her, but not proving it, like when she's needing someone by her side and you just stick your eyes to the Mac. Damn, that's falling in love with the Mac, not the girl (or guy). And in a more common situation, you could be saying you love her, but you go shy every time an opportunity to talk to her is there. I mean what the hell man, you're just texting some lovey-dovey crap and you're considered as TOGETHER? If it is that way, I would be "together" with four or five girls already.

So, yeah, that's my opinion anyway. If you wanna carry on with it, then you should remember what the honey badger doesn't give :) So, if you really love someone, don't do it online. Break your shy barriers. Because I think if you be there for that someone, and give her a hug every time you know she needs one, you know, all that sh**, it'd be better than typing those lovey-dovey crap on Facebook. 

AS I HAD SAID.. This is my opinion anyway, so I wouldn't care if you wanna change your ways or not, or to quote it simpler..


no h8.




After So Long..

Well, guess what, people of the tri-state area?


As you people (or animals, or aliens, whatever your species are) may know, my end-year examinations have finished, and there is nothing left to do but wait for the results, sometime on November..

Ah, seems like every weight of responsibility that was being put on my shoulders were lifted off, well at least 20% of it :P (I mean come on, there's still a long way to go in life). So, as you might have known, I've taken an interest in cycling, and I just started on mid-May, but now I've got an entry-level Road Bike which was relatively expensive, and I am, of course, 


Well then, that's it for now, I'm going to watch Battle: Los Angeles :D yeah man, I FEEL SO FREE~ 

no h8.