Monday, 17 October 2011

Nobody Is Perfect. Well Then, Meet "Nobody" .

When I decided to be friends with you, I had no idea that you were the right one for me. But now, I know better, and believe me, that was the best decision I have ever made in my life ;)

Yes, when I said those words on the 6th of October, I meant it. Yes, you're the reason for all those butterflies, and I can't seem to last a day without thinking of you. And yes, those three words are true :)

My funny, cute, awesome, beautiful, tall and adorable friend, 

kaylyn marie westerhout <3
She requested her picture to not be posted here, as she doesn't want the world to realize her beauty :P

It's been three years since I knew you were you, and I believe I was really fortunate that I was seated beside you in the year of 2010 :) And yeah, before that we didn't really know each other, but you knew me in the year of 2008 whereas I only started knowing you, all thanks to Kimberly, since the tenth month of 2009. 

     Anyway, thanks to the lucky seating I got on 2010, I got to know you better, and I remembered my first impression of you, being "Weirdly awesome", which when translated means you're awesome for a strange reason xD Sometimes last year I even wonder if you and Cynthia were OK people, HAHA XD *no, seriously. No offense*

But, as Alice told the Mad Hatter, the best people are truly bonkers :P 

A little confession from me Kaylyn, actually I had a little crush on you last year, but at that moment you liked someone else, and I think you had no feelings for me in the past, anyway :P 

Last year still remains as the most valuable year of my life, mostly because I became closer to you, Cynthia and many others :D We even made nicknames, you as Ketchup, me as French Fries, Cheeseburger being Cynthia, Hazirah as Hash browns, etcetera. And yeah, I admit that I am disappointed when I found out you and Joshua were going to 6C, but although separated thanks to our different classes this year, our bonds are still close because we always hang out at the park, walk to the school entrance together and stuff like that. (Y)

     Soon after our bonds tighten I came to realize that you were the hole that was missing all these years, and yes, I realized I have found the right person, and that hole was patched up by you, and it's all thanks to your ever-so-kind display of true friendship. In other words, you complete me.

And every time I look at you, I truly believe more than ever that God is the greatest, because only the greatest would be able to create such beauty :)

And I do not know what else to say other than "Thank you", because, honestly, I can't find any words that could ever describe how thankful I am that you chose me to be a friend, that you care for me, and that you love me just for who I am.

     I also want you to know that I love you more than I love my pillow, which is something to say since I always hug my pillow and sleep with it every night, haha xD And yes, I will always love you no matter how much you change, no matter how you will feel about me in the future, or in much simpler words, no matter what happens.

My sincerest of apologies if there is anything that you do not like about me, as I always say, human beings such as myself are imperfect, we make mistakes. And that is the reason why I feel the need to say sorry to you. There were times when I've been annoying for you, times were I accidentally spit out from my mouth offensive words, and stuff like that. You know I don't mean to hurt one of God's greatest creation, YOU, whether emotionally or physically.

     Sorry again if you expected this blog post to be better than what it really is, and lastly, I love you with all my heart.



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