Wednesday, 15 June 2011

That's just SAD :O

I just officially found out that the Standard 6 pupils of last year were right o.o
But in the end, I think everything will be worth it (:

So, I'm currently running behind on homework, and in case you don't know what that means, it's something like the other students in your class is already at the 3rd worksheet and you're stuck at the first. If you've felt that before, then I think you'll understand that it's NOT a good thing :l Some people in my class said that it's normal for them, and they don't give a crap about homework and stuff. But the only problem here is that I DO. Yeah, I know I'm different from others. That's the way I like to be.

     By the way, the school camp will be on Friday, so there will be no weekend posts on this blog. I think that's it really, cause I gotta finish this great book called The Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy, and, of course, finish ALL my homework. (prepare to hurt your hands, Faris)


Sunday, 12 June 2011


Forest Research Institute Malaysia. 

     Although I didn't have as much fun as my brothers did, (they cycled btw) it was still the best (: especially the leeches :DD We were like walking at the road when suddenly, we found a bike trail, and being the adventurers we are (Mom, me and sis Yazo) we hiked along the trail, haha.

It was tiring, of course. But totally worth it :D We were donating blood to the leeches :D Wish we could go there next time; we didn't visit the waterfall.. I think that's it to post about, tata.

I miss you; bila nak online nie???


Holidays sudah habis :O

Oh my, holidays holidays holidays. Why do you have to pass so fast? Haha, never mind never mind. Life has thought me to always look on the bright side of things, so I will do the same for this matter (:

     This holiday have been like, the best even though it just lasted for two weeks, mostly cause I get to spend time with YOU :D I will be doing it for the last time this evening at the park, then it'll be goodbye :l What a holiday it was indeed; haha. The first week of it was, well, spoiled due to the fact that I got extra class to attend, but life hash thought me to make the most of the time you have, and so I did (:

     I never got to play any computer games, but I guess it's for the better, cause you might already know that I have a major exam this year ._. I guess I'm like really matured and grown up now with no time for boring online games o.o *is that supposed to be a good thing or a bad thing?* Hmph anyway I finally know how to do something that I've been tryinna do since many years ago which I told nobody about except for my family and YOU , *haha you're considered lucky* so that's a huge accomplishment for me. -----Interruption - GOD, I'M SICK OF YOU. ONE MORE POST ABOUT BIEBER AND I THINK I'LL REMOVE YOU FROM MY FRIENDS LIST----- 

     Anyway, I'm going to Tutti Frutti this evening then straight to the park, so I guess I'd better enjoy the last few moments I have with YOU at the park (I won't be telling who 'YOU' is cause, my mom reads my blog :l Sad huh?) If you're reading this Mom, I don't have a girlfriend and you don't have to keep stalking my blog to dig out my secrets :D

     Psshh, whatever. I'm not stopping you from doing anything, it's not my job -.-

     Something is worrying me though, homework. But who gives a thing??? NOT ME ._. I only got two pages of Mathematics left, and I'm supposed to have BM homework but my book finished so nothing is do-able, SO YEAHH ! >:D At least i'm not as bad as my friends, left their homework at school PURPOSELY, then when the teacher asks where is it he will say ACCIDENTALLY. *I'm like WTF when he said this*

So, I think that's it for today's post. I thought of posting about the awesome two parties I had on Friday and an AWESOME-RR time I had at the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia, but well, there's 9 hours 30 minutes and 14 seconds left before I sleep and officially be the end of holidays, so I think I should do something useful >.< 

I'm waiting for you to go online. Can't you see I need you? :l

     Well at least there's something I can look forward to, which is seeing my friends again. I miss you guys and girls too much already. HAHA THAT'S JUST G*Y =.= but seriously, I do. Ohmygawd, Mom is beating all my highscores for Angry Birds Rio. Gotta go and reclaim my glory back. PWEACE >:) 

Smile always ,

Thursday, 9 June 2011


     I love life :) I don't think anything could ruin the happiness that I'm in right now .
But I may be wrong :O

     That's right, school is coming backk. Today, it's already THURSDAY and I didn't even feel like time was passing the whole time. Dang ! I guess time really flies when you're having fun -__- haha, not really cause it also passes when you're feeling too bored. The brain apparently does not notice the time when distracted by activities (which can be fun or boring) which makes it seems faster. I'm getting carried away again. Dayymmn .

     So yesterday I heard the story of the person I used to like, and she is SERIOUSLY enjoying her holiday. (at least more than I am) She's acting so different now and that's sad for me .__. Maybe the vacation changed her? Well if that person is reading this, we back at Subang Jaya don't want you to say there. I will even kidnap you if I have to.

     Anyway, I don't know what to blog about, and I haven't even take a bath since yesterday afternoon. Thinking of making 24 hours without bath but my maid is being so noisy, so I guess no 24 hours without bath for me >___< 

     Anyway, I am happy as can be. And that's because I just found out that *the person* is still within reach and still available :D YAYY ! And if *that person* is reading this. Please reply my texts, I'm as bored as ... something that is bored. :l Well gotta go now. My armpit smells.



Monday, 6 June 2011

Getting myself involved? Or not?

So, yesterday my friend asked me to be one of his 'backup' for a stupid fight that's happening some time on Friday. So, to join or not to join? That is the question. 

     And I know that all of you with enough common sense would tell me not to cause it just creates mountains out of molehills which is the thing I hate most. But this is my best friend involved here...
     People with common sense would say that I am stupid and giving in to peer pressure or whatever you call it, but no, this is also about silencing the most hated person (possibly) in the school. And for those of you who do not know, this person is Ashraf. And if you are reading this, (which is not very likely, of course) I want to say that you have to open your small eyes and make a change in yourself cause as I mentioned, you are the most hated person in school.

     But as much as my best friend wants a respected person to kick a hated person in the *ss real bad, I want to say that THIS HAS GOT TO STOP. 

     First of all a fight isn't supposed to be PLANNED. When someone blows your cool, you hit him/her, she/he hit you back, and *BAM!* the fight starts. It's not supposed to be like you argue, then someone says "Ok I'm gonna kick your *ss on Friday. Come to the (insert place) on (insert time) and I'll beat you up raw". I mean, who does that? A coward maybe, but not me.

     One more thing, to prove your strengths you are going to have to do things by yourself, and not bring 14 people whom you call 'friends' to fight for you, and you hide behind a tree or something. I'm getting carried away btw. Point is, a person with true 'powers' will prove himself by fighting one on one. Without backup, against no backup, you get the idea.

     So, if you ask me this fight is crap, and no offense Shafiq. But I think if you want to fight, wait for a right reason to do it to avoid getting in trouble when questioned, you get the point. Because if you win, what would you get? Trouble. That guy's 11 and you're 12, bro. A coward like him is BOUND to report and incident like this, especially to his parents. And when you lose, it's gonna be worse cause he's gonna rub your defeat in your face like Isaac Newton did to a school bully sometime in the 1700s (getting carried away again).

     Point is, this fight is pointless. But if you wish to continue it, don't let me get involved in any way. And it's not because I'm afraid, it's just that the time will come when it does, but the 'time' for fights is just not now. The smarter side of my brain has led me to a conclusion, so let me tell you this one more time - "It's pointless, leave it mate. You will get into trouble, whatever result you get in that fight of yours." 

And because I'm not the boss of you, let me just say that after reading this it would be your choice to proceed. I am posting this because I care about you, and don't want you to get into trouble in any way. If you wish to continue this, then go ahead. Just don't let me get involved in any way. It is your choice from here on.

"If you are fighting violence with violence, quit it mate. It just leads to more violence"


Thursday, 2 June 2011

FINALLY, holidays.

     Holidays have finally started for real. We finished Extra Class today and I can finally sit back and relax. Well, not really. Me and my family are going to Terengganu tomorrow, not that I really want to anyway. Going out of the house sucks, unless it brings some good to me, like buying MY games or MY shoes or MY jeans, you get what I mean.

     Point is, I don't really like going out. I think the only time I enjoy going out last year was when I went with Myra, Jacquelina, Nathra and others. We went for Sunway to watch the movie Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows: Part 1. Of course I was with Myra at that time and we were watching my favourite movie series, if not that would probably be the same thing as any other outings I've been to = BORING.
     So when I am 20+ and start having serious relationships I ain't gonna be bothering about all this crap, and that point was proved more than ever when I saw my mom and I doing what they call 'shopping', and what I call 'A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME'. They were looking at dresses and jeans for like HOURS. And after they were done, I asked, "What did you buy, the whole store?" and I was surprised to see only one plastic bag of clothes. Luckily Tap Tap Revenge was able to keep me company if not I might die waiting -.-

     If I don't change my mind on this matter, shopping girls will be unlucky to have me, which sucks cause 70% of cool girls are shopping freaks. So this just tells me that it might take me years to find someone perfect for me. And THAT sucks.


To sleep or not to sleep.

That is the question. Right now I am so bored with no one to accompany me but Kimberly and the Velvet Cake (cool name huh). There's extra class tomorrow but I still can't sleep.. Starting to regret that two hour "nap". I think the best thing to do right now is just close my eyes... ZZzzzZZz

afr is asleep.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Hmm. First post ...

     I think it would be best to introduce myself or something here but for me that seems completely pointless as I do not make friends through blogger, but only my friends read my blog. Hope you understand :D 
     So I tried very very hard to keep updating my blog but figured out that I do not have time for it. Now, however, is the mid-year holidays which lasts for two weeks, so I still think I would manage one weeks' worth of posts (and maybe after THAT, this blog would be left untouched until 15th of September. No offense). I'm having a really important exam this year. So I hope you understand.
     One more thing I would like to clear up right away is that to me a blog is not like facebook statuses in which you can post whatever crap you want. I post only if some eventful crap or something happens, because I like to keep my posts long so that the readers will be glued until the end.  
     Lastly, thanks for reading my first post.

"Rap music is the only cure to racism"