Friday, 28 October 2011

Your Hate Is What Gave Me This Strength .

Sometimes I wonder why people conceal their true selves in order to become someone they think is better than who they are. Why bother? Just be yourself. Everyone is good in their own way :)

     So, you might be hating on me as I made no Tuesday posts, but this holidays has just been so boring and uneventful that I have no sh*t to blog , and I doubt that there is a particular topic to be written about today too but I'll just do what I promised, since I always claim to be a man of my words (really?)

For your information I kept this draft since two days ago, and it was just lying there doing nothing, so it would be a real pity to not continue the sh*t that I started. So basically this post would be about how sh*tty my one-week holiday for The Festival of Lights was, mainly because there were no games to play. I kind of annoyed the sh*t out of my mom to get me a game console (FYI I HAVE NOT BEEN BUYING GAME CONSOLES SINCE 2007 #truefact)

Mom: Ok Faris, what book do you want to buy?
Me: XBox 360

Mom: Faris, anything to add to the shopping list?
Me: Hmm let's see... XBox 360, Battlefield 3, Dead Space 2, Modern Warfare 2..
Mom: Oh here we go again...

Mom: So you bought the Skulduggery Pleasant: Death Bringer. Anything el-
Me: Yeah, XBox 360

Mom: If there's anything that I could do to help me cure your boredom...
Me: XBox 360

So I'm getting the game console after my two brothers' examinations finish, which means the next weekend, but my fat *ss can't take it anymore here at home, mainly cause it's just so God damn boring doing the same things over and over again, just signing in my Blogger (links to YouTube automatically), Skype and Facebook, and then just staring at some gameplay of the games I want to buy. Not that it helps cure my boredom in any way.

    The only interesting part of my day was the times when you would come online, and we would VideoChat together, and make silly faces, and go like "OMG IS THAT A GHOST BEHIND YOU", you know, sh*t like that :D Those are usually the best part of the day. The Earth seems to be so messed up now, with all the sudden temperature changes, very hot and sunny at 4.00, slight drizzle at 5.00, cloudy from 5.30, and then heavy rain. Seriously, just ONE FINE DAY of Sun would be enough. Full 12 hours of it. But NOOOOO, we can't even get that =.="

I'm kind of just begging for time to speed up and I just want to see my school again, and in case you're wondering, I ain't being a nerd, it's just that home has been so God damn boring and I can't wait to see my awesome friends again, especially THAT SPECIAL SOMEONE ;D So, saying it from its true meaning, I actually miss my friends, my awesome teachers, the cool-*ss school cleaners and your hugs, not *school* by itself :P

     Hey, guess what, even with "no particular sh*t to blog about", I still made it through one whole post! Haha, I think I deserve a thumbs up for this, so just click the "Like" button on your right and you'll be able to enter another realm during your sleep, and maybe get captured in it while falling into an unexplainable coma, and if you're lucky you can get a hot red demon to possess you and make you start calling your mom's friend "bitch" and "whore" too! And who knows, maybe your dad can join in, and while you get out safely, your "oh-I'm-so-brave" Dad would get possessed by a horrifyingly ugly grandma while trying to save your big *ss! 


My sincerest of apologies, but I've just watched the movie "Insidious" at 11.00 PM and splitting images of the ghosts in that realm are still haunting me, especially that ugly grandma and the doll thing with a gun... Damn, I'm not sleeping tonight.

     ANYWAY, I meant to say that if you click the Like button you would have to make a wish right after, and that wish would come true. Example if you wish for a drink, you click the Like button and suddenly you'd have eradicated all that laziness in your heavy *ss and get up to make one yourself! Trust me, it works! :3

So I'm most probably leaving now, I wanna try to get some shut-eye and getting absorbed into that realm.. LOL I KEED THE INSIDIOUS B*TCHES. As much as I know nothing in my house is moving randomly, and I've never had any strange dreams so I guess I'm safe!

Well, good night people. Or, since it's 3.20 AM now, I think it'd be truer if I say, GOOD MORNING :D I think that's about it, and sorry for not making a Tuesday post, I was too busy being awesome. OHH, and also, no one suggested me a topic. Such an excuse to keep my readers doing what they should be doing - reading.
Be sure to be there for my next post on Sunday, don't die or anything okay? :)

no h8.

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