Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Curiosity - Kills The Cat, And Almost Me .

You can't polish a gem without friction, you can't achieve success without a little suffering. It's the same thing.

So, I'm having a major cycling event this weekend participated by many people around the country and South-East Asia, it's being held in Dataran Merdeka Kuala Lumpur. I admit I've been busy these recent days with my bicycle cleaning and stuff, and I'm still behind school projects, I mean SERIOUSLY behind, like everyone's at the third and I'm still sticking my booty pipe at the first one.

     Phew, lately I've been procrastinating so much. I admit, I'm not a good example to be followed. Sorry for those who think of me as an idol (I'm not sure anyone does but I'm just sayin') but I'm someone who should not be idolized. SERIOUSLY!

I just don't know how to sort out my priorities, and just by currently writing this post right now, I am NOT doing what I should be, cause I should be working my ass off like others, folding some color-paper shit to make an octahedron, or finding out information about those grandpas who contributed to our country's independence, you know, sh*t like that. Yeah, I know I'm a bad person, but all I ask is for you to read my god damn posts up on these b*tch-ass nigga, not idolize me and sh*t. If you're a guy, idolizing me would just be gay, and if you're a girl, idolizing me would make you a guy. So DON'T do so ;)

     Anyway, if you give a sh*t I just climbed Genting Sempah last weekend, which has a cat-2 climb, and I did it without having to push my $950 bicycle :D That's an achievement! 

Before the climb, my dad patted me on the back and said "Up, all the way to the McDonald's at the top." so I was like "McDonald's?! CONSIDER ME ALREADY THERE, B*TCH!"

And starting from that pat it was all torture, torture and more torture. The hills were there non-stop, and I kept telling myself that the hill I'm climbing would be the last, but it turns out that there were endless of them.. I just sang "I'm On A Boat" by The Lonely Island to boost my confidence (yeah, I know, it's an old song.. WELL FUDGE YOU!) and just tried to enjoy the scenery and stuff.. You know, the usual non-working sh*t that people use to avoid giving up .

     Now, I've been desperate enough to go to the site called wikiHow to know how to keep my confidence and sh*t, and believe me I tried their methods from A to Z, and none of them worked. They did at first, but I had to talk to myself, which means :-

  • I'll look like some retarded mother*beep*er chanting some curses to myself
  • I'll waste my energy on talking
But there was one thing that wikiHow didn't mention, and I tried doing it, and it miraculously worked, I just imagined my girlfriend (that's right b*tches, I have one, time for the jealousy feeling to all you loners) was waiting at the McDonald's and believe me, I cycled faster than my other family members. Hell yea mo'fo. I was leading the whole climb, except for the end when I sat down to enjoy the scenery and think about life (sounding oh-so-emotional now)

     There was this one part where a group of monkeys were chillin' their balls out on the middle of the road (no, seriously, they had their balls sticken out) and we cycled cautiously through. Three monkeys went for my brother Fairuz, and he shouted like it was the end of the world, pushed into his big gear and sprinted away, while I smiled and waved at those un-evolved humans, and I thought we were off the pack and I saw a gigantic monkey, about the size of one and a half of a desk in my class, and it was lying down, looking unconscious. Me being the blind bitch and the asshole that I am, not to forget being a curious son of a mom, (what, you thought I was gonna type son of a bitch?) I went to checkout that monkey, thinking that it was freaking dead. You wouldn't have believed the look in my siblings' eyes when it woke up and chased after my rear wheel. Oh, sure, me being the *show-off cool* douche bag that I am, I acted as if it was nothing and cycled away, but inside me was like "F*** shit, I didn't say good bye to my girlfriend before this journey, and now I'm gonna die" but thank God, I'm still here, still being awesome, you know, the usual shit.

Anyway, when I reached the top I felt like I was reaching the clouds, but I saw the road leading to Genting Highlands and found out that I wasn't on that high of ground at all . So I felt like "Fudge cakes, I wanted to feel like I was on top of the world. Reaching the highlands is total bullshit!!!" 

So, in other words, I felt like I just got owned by God's creations.

By now you would know the drill, I would say something fake about the "Like" button to make you people click it, and I would love the people who fall for that trick. So, just as always, I've got to go, and apologies for not updating for quite some time. Couldn't find the time to do so. Too busy GOD DAMN PROCRASTINATING.

Good night people. Love you Ketchup ;D
no h8.

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