Thursday, 13 October 2011

This Time, I'm More Than Sure You're the One.

There is no need to make a move until you're really sure she is the one, really sure there is no other, absolutely sure you love her - or you'll just end up breaking more hearts.

enough hurting people already. 

     Anyway I've been watching people (yeah, I know I'm a stalker, **** you) and there's this one guy. Yeah, I know, why does it have to be a guy that hurts the girl? Not meaning to be sexist especially to my own gender, but seriously, why must the guy be the heartbreaker?

There is this one asshole who uses a girl who get the girl he truly desires, like, the **** is that man? You don't LOVE her at all. You just wanna use her. So **** off, and to the girl, why bother? There are many fishes in the sea. And he isn't the fish suitable for you. So forget about him. I don't see how you fell for him in the first place. Were you, like, DRUNK THE ENTIRE RELATIONSHIP? Haha, I keed bro (or sis). 

So by the way I can't see why you people are being so emotional these days, cause I've had around three encounters with a fate I can't evade which is death, and believe me, you can die anytime. So, live life to the fullest man! People who don't care about you, you don't have to waste time making them do so. Just **** their balls off LIKE A BOSS! Only roll with people who will be with you through thick and thin. And people who don't, why should you give a ****? It's their life. You can't change how they feel about you. But you can change how you feel about them.

     Point is, only value people who equally value you for who you are. Don't need to waste time changing how they feel about you, either - because a true friend knows the good AND bad things about you, but still loves you for who you really are.

MY true friends know I've got a few nuts unscrewed in my brains but still sticks around with me. They know I'm a little dirty-minded but still love me for just who I am. And I don't bother with the people who hate me either, cause you can't make friends without a few enemies now and then.

     Some people love the ones who ignore them, and ignore the ones who love them. The fact is that the ones who ignore you would not bother if something happens to you, and the ones you ignored would be the ones saddened most if something bad happens to you. And then you'd be thinking "Why didn't I value this person" and stuff. So, personally, I think you should open your eyes, don't waste your time on the one who ignore you, and concentrate most on the ones who love you for who you are (this must be the third time I said that). 

There, I'm done being Mr. Advise Guy. I'm out, PEACE!

no h8.

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