Saturday, 22 October 2011

Amazing Just The Way You Are :)

I am very fortunate, to have someone as awesome, pretty, understanding and fun as you in my life. And I also hope that you will always be a friend of mine, cause honestly, without you there'd be a huge awesome part of my life missing :)

I think everyone, including you, have that one person who is older than you are, but cares for you just as much as you care for them. That person you take as an older sibling, that awesome person who is fun to be around with, in other words, the person you love just like she is an older sister. Well, that valuable person to me is

kimberly anne :)

Yeah, you might be thinking she's pretty or anything but she isn't really that interested in having boyfriends SO BACK OFF! Heh, I keed people, I KEED 8D

     I remember that we started being close since that dancing on 2009, I knew you long before that though, I think when I was only Standard 2. It was thanks to my brother Fairuz, really. You were famous at school, if I could recall? Haha, I remembered how badly you wanted to be dance partners with me, but since I was (kind of) short compared to you at that time, I partnered with Suk Ying instead :P I think I even had a small crush on you, and I was pretty jealous of Mark back then XD

In the year of 2010, however, we became a little distant as I didn't go to the park at those times, and the only thing that linked us together was the "Tell Kimberly I said Hi" that I tell Kaylyn once every month :P

     However, around March this year, I started going to the big park and I met you, and the last time I did you were, as I can recall, one finger taller than me, but when I saw you on that day I felt like "Oh, have I grown that much???" Seriously, when I met you on that day I couldn't believe how much I missed you, and above all I was seriously baffled by the fact that I could live one whole year without your presence... 

Honestly speaking, I really miss the times we spent together "practicing" at P.S.S. especially at the way you freak out when a song you like comes on the radio, and you'll go like "OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD!" then start dancing while singing "I Know You Want Me" by Pitbull. HAHA, good times, good times xD

     It's still kind of weird that I knew you before I knew your sister since we are of the same age, but to tell you the truth I have more friends who are older than me compared to my friends of the same age. ANYWAY, I did not know if I have ever thanked you for introducing me to Kaylyn, so THANK YOU with a capital 'T' for ALL the things you have done to me, whether it is just to spend a few minutes on chatting or helping me in anything that I needed help with :D

Throughout these years you have been a great friend, even though you're still a terrible secret-keeper, but still, I don't recommend you to change yourself cause you're awesome just the way you are. And other readers, if you DON'T want your secret to be a secret anymore, you can tell it to this girl right here :P

     So, last words, sorry for all the wrongs I have done to you, from the times I slapped you because you were screaming like a freak until the time where I accidentally poked your eyeball (did it seriously hurt? o.O), cause you know I don't mean to cause any harm, physically or towards the feelings, of an awesome, pretty, fun and one-of-a-kind person like you <3

My sincerest of apologies if you expected this blog post to be better than what it is, cause I'm seriously out of ideas and my eyeballs are burning since it's 12 midnight now. I think you should appreciate the fact that I stayed up just to blog about my pretty and hot friend :P So, stay awesome, remember to NOT change yourself and try to be someone else, cause girl you're amazing, JUST THE WAY YOU ARE :D

straight from the heart,
no lies .

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