Sunday, 23 October 2011

New Blogging Format :D

So as my (soon-to-be) successful vlogger friend Jacquelina recommended, I'm gonna start making a blogging format, to know when my readers have to check this blog to get updates. So, I think it would be Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. 

     TUESDAYS would be about all the bull**** that I did on Monday and the same day, it might be sometime around late night because I just want to gather enough topics to blog about before I write. (or type for all you precise mother*beep*ers out there) 

THURSDAYS would be out of topic requests or recommendations (send me recommendations through Facebook at http:// or you can do it simply through the chat box at the side of this blog. And if I get no recommendations, two options :- I might not be making a Thursday post, or I would post about any particular events (if there are any).

SUNDAYS would be late-night posts, just like this one, because my weekends now are almost always packed full of events, either cycling or outings, etcetera. As usual, it would be a late-night post mainly because I need a full-day detail of the happenings, not to mention idea-flowing and sh*t like that. 

     So, I'll try to slip in a few more posts through those days since I made the "like my status and I'll tell you" sh*t on Facebook. 30 people liked it, but they don't even know my blog URL. Stupid donkeyholes =.=" Anyway, if you don't bother to read my blog I won't bother to make a post about you then :) A favor returned with another. Fair, eyh?

no h8, humans.

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