Monday, 26 September 2011

One quick announcement.

So, yeah, I've changed the blog URL and I'm avoiding mentioning my blog to my parents now, so I guess there'll be no more "beeps" or stars preventing you from enjoying usage of any swearing done.

Next, about the last post.
Feel free to voice out your opinions on what you think my actions on the matter should be, you can do it at the section to your right, and you can only miss it if you're blind. But then again if you're blind you wouldn't be reading this, so it shall be safe to assume that you can see the section to your right labelled as "SAY ALL YOU WANT :)". You can't miss it, it's in capital letters, god damn it.

And let me also point out that if you add this website to the list of blogs that you follow, tomorrow will be a magical day for you. Trust me, I just got a call from a satisfied Honey Badger saying that it worked for him. And as I said before if it did for him, I don't see why it wouldn't for you. Try it, add this to the sites you follow, now!

You know what, if you actually fell for that, I love you.
But not, and never will be, as much as I love that one special person :)

no h8.

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