Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Annoying little... never mind .

So, yeah, have you ever had someone annoying who you can't shake you off? That someone everyone has in their life, who talks to you even when you show zero percent attention? Come on admit it, everyone has one of those in their lives . So these people, I'm telling you straight-forwardly, should know when they're being too annoying and just shut their mouths at some point? Even when I make the obviousness that I am annoyed so obvious that no common person can not observe, you still annoy me. Get a grip of yourself, man.

      God, it's the weekdays and it's 10 p.m. And I'm home alone here, youtubing, facebooking, blogging. Kind of becoming a pro multi-tasker like my friend Noie, heheh :3

Anyway, since I've got no particular thing to post about today, I'll just share this video to you.. Check it out! :D

Dayyuuuuum, I pity that man. Let that be a lesson to you people, if you're in a good position, there is no need to be arrogant, or all the good things would be pulled away from you. Now, it's either that's the lesson, or it is, simply,


Now if you're asking me, I prefer the latter (:

One more thing I would like to add up here is that just because this one post suck, I hope none of you will be like hatin' or anything. I mean come on, it's just one day that I'm fresh outta ideas. So, again, I do hope none of you will be like "Damn, I hate this guy" or anything. Aite, promise? Good. You know I love you guys, or girls, or animals, or microorganisms, or aliens, whichever you are :D

Now, in life it's always like that, respected people, who has helped the country, team or whatever it is, makes one little slip-up, and they go from LOVED to HATED ETERNALLY. 
Aite, I have got to go, bed is calling and I have got to answer.

no h8.

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