Friday, 23 September 2011

Regret .

If loving you is wrong, I don't want to be right (:

You are right. As much as I hate to admit this, you are right, and once again, me the opposite. The decision must be made before you execute, which was my mistake. I executed before I decide, and it almost cost me... my life. My precious, valuable, and never-could-be-replaced life.

First of all I would like to apologize for not posting for these two days, it's just that I could not find time to blog or the right topic to blog about. And, I was also too busy being AWESOME! 

No, seriously, I was.

By the way if you're wondering what the thing on top was it's just some random stuff. Nothing happened for you to be worried about, I can assure you that. NOTHING AT ALL.

Now, to the main topic.
Regret. A useless thing to do, truthfully speaking. Totally useless. What is done, is done. Nothing can be done to change that fact, except for time-travel, which is, according to laws of physics, currently impossible. (even if you go through a black hole, [which is also unlikely as it's gravity can turn you into soup] that would be aging slowly, not time-travel)

   Now, you can't change the past. For an example, you can't change the fact that you just opened this site a few minutes ago. But you can change the future. Like, if you think this is time-wasting, you can get back to your CatVideos or Facebook or anything. That is changing the future. But for the past, nothing can be done. 

The least you could do is work hard for the future, and know you've done all you can. That way, when you fail, you won't fail with regret. You fail successfully, in other words you fail by knowing that you've done your best to succeed. There will be no regret on that. 

   But if you DIDN'T work hard, you'd have to feel a little regret nonetheless, but still, there's nothing you can do. You cry tears of blood, but nothing can change the past. So if you didn't work hard, try to take the regret to your advantage, and don't be like "Oh, fudge myself, I didn't work hard". Instead, think positively about the feeling of regret and be like "This is because I didn't work hard. I must do so in the future". And that way, you will be a successful person :)

Regret is not such a bad feeling if you think positively about it. Think of it as an insult that motivates, like when people say you suck, don't cry all about it, but prove it to the person that you DON'T. The same thing with regret. Use it to your advantage.
To regret is just as useless as to hate, you hate on someone but they don't give a sh**, you regret something but nothing can change it. Work hard in the future and avoid regret.

Remember; the best of people are ones who let go of the past, cherish the present, and work hard for the future. 

no h8.

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