Tuesday, 27 September 2011

On His Face Is A Map of The World.

The fact that there is a bad word in "happiness" just goes to show you, there is something bad in every good thing.

     So, this is just one of those times that I run out of things to blog about as nothing worth doing so is popping out in my life, but sometimes that's a good thing you know? Because most things I write about are of my troubles and rarely my triumphs, so this lack of happenings also means a lack of trouble in this bumpy road of life.

Hey, I just made it through a paragraph, when I say I've ran out of things to talk about. That's an achievement.

     Anyway I'm back to making my jokes now, since for yesterday I've got nothing better to do than finish my sister's book, "Kane And Abel" by Jeffrey Archer. But YOU came today, and seeing you in your school uniform again after so long just cooled my heart, and I only managed to finish 45 pages of "The Eleventh Commandment" by Jeffrey Archer due to the stares I gave you. That's right, time to bring in the "AWWWW"s. 


There there, enough now. 
By the way you might have noticed that I rarely blog about situation as often as I blog inspiration (extra clap for making that rhyme, please?) but let today be an exception since we did something awesome at school :)

     So in Science lesson, we had to make some shit out of recycled stuff, and the "some shit" could be anything, it can be microorganisms, planets, tables, dust, or even your mom if you want to. But making your mom out of recycled stuff would eat up all the recyclables on Earth. No, seriously.


NOW NOW, there's no need to go and tell your mom I said this, and be all like "Mom, mom, look at what this kid said about you!" and all that, and most of all don't let your moms read this - the seniors in life has less sense of humor than a can of pineapples.

     Anyway, the project. My friend Aishane wanted a platypus since she liked Phineas and Ferb so much, and was like "I wanna make a platypus" all around, but this other guy in my group, le awesome Daniel, wanted a house, and when I said "No, SERIOUSLY, what are we making," he would answer "House." Yep, he said the same thing several times. And me, I wanted something that flies (not truly of course), so whenever Aishane said "We're making a platypus", I would finish the sentence with "..that flies." Yeah, I know, I'm cool liddat 8D

So, me with my awesomeness, I made up this idea of a vehicle that has wheels and wings, which is, in short, a flying car, just that it's shaped like a platypus and has a house on top. Unfortunately we had to drop the house plan since we had enough trouble without it, and decided adding more would make it worse.

     And there you go, me with my awesomeness, Aishane with her creativity in designing, and the other two of being pure-hardworking slaves of us two, we have created The Flying Platypus Contraption-inator :) I promise you people that if I live to see the completion of this Spritzer box-bodied flying vehicle with a beak and a tail which breathes through lungs but lay eggs - the only mammal that does so, too - I would post a picture of it on Blogger or Facebook.

Oh, I just realized that I'm back to my awesome self. It's good to be back!
And lastly, I apologize for my display of vain and that one small Mom joke - which is not exactly that small - but you can stop reading this site if you want to, but if you miss out on all the awesomeness, you know who NOT to call :)

no h8.

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