Monday, 19 September 2011


Rolling on the floor laughing my *ss off so hard until I fell of my dinosaur, just kidding I don't have a dinosaur, but if I did I would name it Wilburt!


LOL. ME. MY AWESOMENESS. AND YOU THINK. I'M. Jealous. Of. You? Hahahahahahahahaha . My reaction :-

Come on, seriously man? And I thought after all these blog posts you might know what the honey badger doesn't give. And I also thought you might have known that I don't give anything the honey badger doesn't :D I mean, who cares if you have access to the intel wanted by the CIA, well someone in the world might but that someone isn't Ahmad Faris bin Ahmad Rizal. 

This man is funny, that's all I can say. He knows everything and has like information source to all the sh** that doesn't matter to me. And he goes around and brag about it, acting as if he knows everything in the world. Well first of all let me get this straight. If I were him and had information on the things honey badger doesn't care about, I would just keep it to myself. Even when it will benefit people, we can share it, but only to people who matter to us. There's no need to go all "Hey, hot b*tches, come at me! I have all the info about the coming exam paper that you would do anything to get!". Alright maybe I exaggerate a little, but you get the point.

One more thing I wanna settle right away, this blog isn't meant to expose the b*tchyness of this person, and if you noticed I wouldn't even tell you who this person is because I know, just like Justin Bieber, that this person has feelings that is, indeed, fragile. Only certain people, people who matter, will know. And if that person reads this, even though it is highly unlikely, I just wanna say stop acting like a b*tch. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut, if you don't wish to change yourself to be a better person in the future, then go on cause...

Le Honey Badger doesn't give a single poop cell.

Now if some of you are going like "Is there even such a thing as a poop cell?", I'd say "I SAY WHAT I WANNA SAY YOU MOTHERFUDGERS, CAUSE THE HONEY BADGER DOESN'T GIVE A SH**!" I keed, people, I'm not mad at you. UNLESS YOU READ THIS POST AND DON'T COMMENT ON IT! Naw, I'm not upset or anything. You are what you wanna become and you should also follow the honey badger principle of not even giving a sh**! That way you'll be a successful person in life. (dedicated to the person this post is dedicated to!) One last thing, me and that girl hates you, and glad that you're finally fudgeing off, actually.
No, actually, this is the last thing. Now I just got a call from a friend, and she told me she clicked the 'Join This Site' button, and her step-dad magically stops drinking and finally gets a job! Try clicking it yourself, it might work for you :D

no h8.

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