Monday, 19 September 2011

Party Rockin' .

In case you wanna know, this is how I'm feeling right now :)
And if you don't wanna know, honey badger doesn't give a sh**!

So, school is pretty much fun now since my exam has finished, and today we had so much laughter, so basically I love school now. And no, I'm not a nerd for doing so. If you still think I'm a nerd then FUDGE YOU! 

Well then I just don't see the exact point of this post or whether or not it will benefit mankind, but I don't give what the honey badger doesn't so yeah :D Anyway I'm still in my school uniform with eaten yoghurt at one side and my glasses on the other, and the Mac in front of me, and even though my eyes are hurting pretty badly I still won't stop being on Damn!LOL, Youtube and, of course, Facebook. Talk about being ADDICTED :D
So, now it's pretty much a boring life now, since I haven't gotten the game my mom PROMISED to get me after examination but still, when I ask her, she jumps to another topic and acts as if she can't hear anything, and she is good at it. Honestly, I've gotta learn a few tricks on ignoring from my mom. 

Readers, my bicycle is already calling my name and my eyes are sore as hell, so I guess this is farewell .

Oh yes, I just wanna add that if you click the 'Join This Site' button, your puberty process will speed up! Come on, what kind of girl wouldn't love chest hairs and a deep sexy voice? So freaking


no h8,


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