Sunday, 18 September 2011

One Lucky Person .

With all the supernova going on in outer space, and all the things that the honey badger doesn't give, people are starting not to realize about the beautiful things in life. I log into my Facebook every day, (no surprises there) and I always see my News Feed spammed with Hate statuses, "I wish you die" statuses, "God I don't wanna live" statuses, people saying their lives suck, and much, much more.

Well I'm kind of saddened at the fact that some people aren't thankful for the things they have, which is what motivated me to post this in the first place. And as my last post had said, if you think this topic is all bullsh** you can, of course, get the hell of this page. It only needs a mouse movement and a click, which won't trouble you, or you could read on while knowing that I LOVE YOU for doing so :)

Well, you may not have the fortune of Oprah Winfrey, or a body shaped like Megan Fox, or the sweet voice of Bruno Mars, or the fame of Eminem, or the speed of Usain Bolt, or the road bike of Mark Cavendish, or the AWESOMENESS OF MYSELF! (what is a blog post without a little vain in it, eh?) but you have to be thankful that you are, right now, alive, with your heart still beating, and you have an electronic device that allows you to read this post which is good enough already! Did you know that many people in countries such as India and Africa are living in poverty? Or, that the Palestinian kids are still under fear, as they could get shot anytime, anywhere, and die? Consider yourself as 


I mean C'MON MAN! There are millions of people, possibly billions, who doesn't know such thing as the internet or doesn't even have an electronic device! Point is people, be thankful for all that you have. And about you people who posts stuff like "God please, I don't wanna live anymore" on Facebook or anything, I just wanna tell you that there are kids in Palestine living in the streets, while struggling to hide every day because they could get shot in the FREAKING STREETS! 

So, yeah, learn to appreciate, love all that you have before time makes you realize what you HAD, and those struggles in life? They're just like hills during cycling. You just got to put up with the gradient (or the suffering), and if you pedal hard enough (or push yourself to get out of the struggle), you will get out of the sh** soon enough. 

Last thing, if you read this and you're appreciating all you have, then I want you to know I love you. But if you don't you know what the honey badger doesn't give, and if the honey badger doesn't give a sh**, I probably won't too. Now just be yourself, no more "I hate myself cause I don't have a voice of Bruno Mars", or "Damn, why don't I have a body shape like Megan Fox?", or "Fudge you Daddy, cause you won't give me a bike like Cavendish's S-Works Venge + McLaren!" or something similar. 

Well then, the honey badger has got to go now, which means I have got to go too :S

no h8.

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