Saturday, 17 September 2011

Online "LOVE"

Might be a weird blog title, but hey, I'm here to voice out my opinions and if you disagree, you can always


and if you don't feel this as "crappy", then keep reading. I love you.

      So, the reason of this topic is to tell you how I feel about this new stuff going on called Online "so-called" love. It's basically, well, what is there to say about what it is basically? It's basically ONLINE. Like you are now. And "so-called" love. And by now you might have noticed I put a "so-called" before the love, and that is for one reason and one reason only - this thing is FAKE. 

It's faker than a Nike that is spelled without the "N". Faker than a woman farting. (women don't fart, rite?) Or, as Ray William Johnson said it, faker than a JERSEY SHORE SUN TAN. I dunno what that should mean as I don't watch Jersey Shore, but maybe some of you readers do? Well, you should remember what the Honey Badger doesn't give...

Let's stay on topic here by the way.. So online love is fake, yeah. I mean if you love, and truly do, you don't, like, do it online like..

*on Facebook*
Boy: I love you
Girl: I love you too! Muax ~

Well, this is acceptable when you still go out on dates and *SNUGGLE SNUGGLE SNUGGLE* every now and then but if you, just, like stick your eyes in the Mac and say you love the guy or girl repeatedly then I wanna say that you're just wasting your time. I mean come on, there's no such thing as purely online love. You could be typing sweet and lovey-dovey sh** on the Mac while saying "Damn, this b***** is annoying. Can't she just log out?" to yourself behind the screen? Or you could be typing away you love her, but not proving it, like when she's needing someone by her side and you just stick your eyes to the Mac. Damn, that's falling in love with the Mac, not the girl (or guy). And in a more common situation, you could be saying you love her, but you go shy every time an opportunity to talk to her is there. I mean what the hell man, you're just texting some lovey-dovey crap and you're considered as TOGETHER? If it is that way, I would be "together" with four or five girls already.

So, yeah, that's my opinion anyway. If you wanna carry on with it, then you should remember what the honey badger doesn't give :) So, if you really love someone, don't do it online. Break your shy barriers. Because I think if you be there for that someone, and give her a hug every time you know she needs one, you know, all that sh**, it'd be better than typing those lovey-dovey crap on Facebook. 

AS I HAD SAID.. This is my opinion anyway, so I wouldn't care if you wanna change your ways or not, or to quote it simpler..


no h8.




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