Thursday, 24 November 2011

Story Of My Life :P

What's up peeps and animals, especially cats, frogs, wolves and goldfish, goldfi , goldfishes - whatever the plural is - Say "hello" to yet another day of your life, whether you like it or not. There's actually no particular topic to be talked about today, but as usual I'm gonna do it for the sake of you people, anyway.

     So yesterday was the only day of my holiday so far that was out of the ordinary, cause my friends and I went to The Wheels Subang Avenue and when we were there, we met a bunch of awesome people, had fun and stuff like that :P Besides all the bruises, I'm still kind of satisfied that I got to get out of the house and just hang with friends, cause honestly I don't want to spend another holiday doing the things I always do - Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, movie, cycling, sleep. I guess if I did that this holiday would be another pointless one, and my one and half month - WASTED :P

But, after all those endless begging to buy it quick and the usual shizz, I'm finally getting an XBox 360 for us siblings (remember to thank me Fai and Fir :P) so I guess this holiday would not be spent doing the same, boring old routine again. Alhamdulillah! :D

     And this weekend I'm finally spending time with my family for three whole days at two hotels, no, not for a holiday - for my passion, my sport, cycling. We're going for a Fun Ride in Raub on Saturday, which consists of 60 kilometres of rolling terrains, and after that driving to a hotel up Fraser's Hill with the bike on the car, and then going all the way downhill, and climbing back up the hill again. (It's sort of like making a whole lap :D) That would give me something to do, and I'd have the chance to prove that age doesn't matter in sport, AGAIN. I love that part the most :)

I'm also downloading an awesome PC Game right now on the MacBook so I guess you could say that everything's going my way now. (Thank you Allah, and of course FAMILY) And if you say that, it might just be true, but I hope nothing comes up to sort of ruin everything, like it has many times in my life before. *don't say that you douche, think positive*

     I do hope that this muscle pain heals before my cycling trip though. I was still failing at rollerskating yesterday for around one hour, and after that I was kind of tired of falling and hurting my ass, so I just looked at how people did it and added in a little bit of scientific shizz, and amazingly it worked. I also made a theory of it to be similar to cycling, don't ask how I did it cause it doesn't matter, the only thing that matters was I could finally skate the around six rounds on The Wheels without stopping - and more importantly falling. I'm glad this mind of mine finds its way to learn though, yeah I know I'm awesome . *insert a self-compliment*

Well I guess that's about it for my Thursday post. I might not be posting on Sunday too, but that all depends on the existence of an Internet connection at the hotel up Fraser's. And if life isn't going your way, cheer up! God is always by your side, always. Maybe He's just saving your enjoyment for the future, for a better time. Keep the smile on peeps, cats, frogs and other creatures reading this :)

Till then, thanks for reading :)
no h8.

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