Monday, 7 November 2011

Back Home :D

A dream is nothing but just a dream if you don't work hard to make it become reality.

     This past few days have been eventful, so eventful in fact that I couldn't even find time to update this blog. My school had a end-of-year hi-tea at Holiday Villa on Wednesday, and I made three trips of platefuls and YEAH, the RM30 I paid was worth it for a plate of rice, two pieces of chicken, some vegetables and the AWESOME FISH FINGERS! If you're anyone who is someone to me you would know well of the fact that I loathe seafood, but this one was a particular exception. It was SUPERB (Y) For the second round I took three big slices of Bread & Butter pudding with loads of custard, and I also took four small slices of cake. Third trip was dessert and I took a bowl of ABC (or Malaysian Shaved Ice for that matter) and it was, again, superb. I also won an award, which is for Sleeping the Most on my trip to Perak a month ago :D (it's on my post "How Quickly Something Anticipated Turns To The Past") 

The car ride back with Daniel, Kaylyn and Cynthia was AWESOME, we leaned on each other every time the car takes a turn, and we waved at other people every time the traffic comes to a standstill, and other shiznits like that. IT WAS FUNNNNN (Y) When I reached home I was tired of course, and I had to prepare for tomorrow as there was to be another event :D

     On the next day, for once in my twelve years of life, I participated AND won something at my school Children's Day Celebration on the 3rd of November. I figured I had nothing to lose and there is an opportunity that I would at least gain something, so I joined in the best dressed competition and wear my brown Baju Melayu. Didn't expect myself to win, but I did, and even though I just got a stationery set, winning is winning B)

The next two days was not that eventful, except for the fact that I have elevated to Rank 9: Specialist III on Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation Multiplayer, not much happened. But yesterday was HECKYEA AWESOME, celebrated Aidiladha with my beloved family at my hometown in Negeri Sembilan. I helped to arrange the trays for the feast on Sunday night, and it felt great to know that the guests benefited from my side of the family's help (and of course my own) :D

     Me, my brother and my dad also managed to make a getaway for two hours when we went cycling to Kepis and back to Juasseh Hilir, and I have to admit, the ride was torturously great :D Here's a photo :-

"Craziness at it's best", I said.
I think you could clearly see my sweat pouring, and also the tables arranged for the feast. YEAH, I don't wish to abandon my passion even though there is a big event :)

That night we recited Yassin for my late uncle who passed away recently, and then it was time to bring the food up and I helped with that as I usually do during feasts, but I suddenly had a chest pain so I just grabbed my mom's iPhone and stayed in my grandmother's bedroom and went online. Good thing I did that, too, cause I finally got some peace to chat with that special someone :) 

     About an hour later the guests left, and just in time too, as my chest was cured. I went for dinner straight away and BOY IT WAS AWESOME (Y) Really loved the beef rendang :D

I went to bed at around 11 as usual and woke at around 6.40 today. Finally got to take a bath after the long wait, as there was only two toilets but around 20 people. I made a quick pack and checked everything, and me, my brother and my dad left home at around 8.10, cause I love my family and all, but no place is better than home. 
And honestly, I've had enough of family togetherness and getting referred to as "that tall Pakistani-looking guy" by the older relatives :P

That's it for now. Apologies for not posting; time did not allow :l
no h8.

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