Thursday, 17 November 2011

All Praise Be To Allah :)

My heart was racing, never, not even when I beat the person in SRAM Red in the sprint finish the other day, have I remembered my heart thumping this fast. And then it was "Timothy Ong", after that "Vinothiniy Latchimanan". I smiled and said to myself, "Whatever happens, God is there. Allahu-Akbar" and stood up as my name was being called upon. My legs were numb, and for the first time since I climbed Genting Sempah, I couldn't feel them as the announcer, Cikgu Latifah, announced the two words that gave me the smile I'm wearing now ...

     Well, everyone who is anyone to me would know that I got the results I was working, hoping and praying for all year and, a big THANK YOU to my parents for their endless support and continuing to believe in me (especially my Dad for the post-UPSR mountain bike ride the other day, hmm memories), to my teachers for all the teachers for the teachings and guidance, and friends for all the "Good luck" wishes and the prayers. Would not have been anywhere near possible without you people, especially my parents and the teachers, and only God knows how thankful I am to have the awesomest of parents and the most caring of teachers anyone could ask for, not to forget the best of friends :)

Honestly, I've never remembered myself ever being so happy, and a little sad at the same time. Because if you want to see what a man's really like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals. I think you get what I mean here, huh? A really good friend of mine didn't get the result the person desired, and I haven't even seen the person or contacted him in any way since the result-giving...

     If you had enough sense in you, you'd have known that this doesn't really matter, but it matters what you work for in the future because the result-giving becomes a past one nanosecond after your name is called out. It's too late to change the past, but you can work harder to get better results in the future. And you know you got it in you, you know you can do it; maybe it's just not your time to shine. Yet. Did my friend Cynthia become a genius after birth? No, the cleverness was worked hard for. Was Eddy Merckx born a legend? No, he worked hard, train hard to become one. Was Mark Cavendish able to sprint 75 km/h on the Tour de France without any training? No. People face defeats, sportsmen especially, but they learn to use it to their advantage. They learn their mistakes and correct it all and succeed in the end. You should do the same :)

And for the people who did get their desired results, never forget the ones who got you there, especially God, your parents and your teachers, and never ignore the ones who didn't succeed; especially if they're your friends. If you ever dare go like "Oh he's not my friend cause he didn't get 5As" or shiznits like that, I swear, I'll kick you in the groin, laugh at you and kick you in the groin again, and then REPEAT. 

     Lastly, I hope you don't lose yourself in this success, stay humble, be cool as a cucumber, the usual sayings. And for those who didn't do that well, remember there is always God to turn to :) Before I go, let me just quote this out - "Only by experiencing failure will you work hard and know the true value of success", and believe me, you can't find this on the Internet. It's straight from the heart :)

no h8.


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