Wednesday, 16 November 2011


     Sooo, as you might know, tomorrow is the 17th of November and it's a Thursday, it might seem like a normal Thursday for all of you who are not the batch of '99 but guess what, tomorrow is my UPSR RESULTS.

Come to think of it not exactly just mine since there are a couple thousand other people taking the exam... well anyway, if you have enough sense in you, you'd have known that the effort should be put in BEFORE and DURING the examination and there's nothing much you can do when the examination is over except for praying to God Almighty cause, as my friend Cynthia had said "Miracles can happen," but, of course, only with the will of God it does.

     There's not much to cry about if you don't get the result you aimed for anyway, and when I type here I speak to myself also. If you don't get something you desire and it's already too late to change the past, change the future. Work hard in your secondary years. One thing I can tell you, a lot of my brother's friends DIDN'T get 5As for their UPSR but they got 8As for their PMR and most importantly 10A1s for SPM.

The point is not to rely on miracles fully, you have to put in some effort yourself too. I think at some post in this blog I typed "You can't just sit your ass on the couch and expect good results", something like that. You have to work for it, sure, God is there to offer help, but you can't expect God to give you good results if YOU had your lazy ass on the couch while Tweeting your fingernails off, something like that.

     One more thing, succeeding isn't easy, you have to work hard for it, and the work is not yet over once you get the result you desire. Not losing yourself in success is also a challenge, if you have succeeded and forgot the world before, you'll know what I mean. That has happened to me once, and I swear to you it won't happen again. Which is why I don't speak of the awards I won today ^_^

Some people lose themselves when they succeed. They totally forget to thank the ones who are responsible for their success and takes the success for themselves only. They turn cocky and brag non-stop of their triumphs to people who didn't succeed. And the ones they called "friends"? If they succeed, they'll celebrate together and sh*t like that. But if they don't, they'll get ignored by this cocky people. Trust me, I've been there before, and I regret to say as the cocky one. But this won't happen again, I hope. I swear. Whatever

     The point is to keep yourself humble especially to this small (in comparison to other life challenges this is something small) a challenge in life, because remember that God could take away anything and everything you own if He wishes to, and God doesn't like arrogant people, trust me. Sometimes the true challenge isn't in succeeding - it's about what you do after you succeed .

And if you don't get the result you desired, DON'T WORRY BE HAPPY, I'm typing this to myself too, because it has been too late to change what that has happened on that 13th of September anyway, but one thing you can change is the future. Work harder in secondary and the usual sh*t, you might be like one of my brother's friends too, she didn't get 5As but instead of bringing her down, it motivated her to do better in the future. And I believe that is the right thing to do :)

Lastly, no matter what the result, always be thankful to God, and remember to also thank your teachers and your friends especially if you succeed. You wouldn't want to be like those cocky, arrogant people mentioned here :)

no h8.

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