Tuesday, 22 November 2011

WR :)

In life people will leave you from time to time, but in our hearts they stay intact, and sometimes departures can make us value a person more than we have ever done before. This is one of those times.

Keep the swagger on, and stay strong k? Hee, hope you no forget us :) HIII blog, as my Tuesday post I'd like you to meet WATHIQAH ROSLI :D

That's the best photo of you in my opinion x)
Your hair is awesome.

     Without us realizing, we've already known each other for nine years. I know that we weren't really close as before when I'm in Standard 4 until now we weren't as close as before, but you still seek me when you need help in something you know I can assist you in, and I still do you favors and stuff, so we were still friends nonetheless, if not the best of them. 

It's kind of hard to believe that after all these years you're going to leave us at 12 already though... I mean, it's times like these where I regret that in the nine years we knew I didn't get to know you properly and all :/ Dear Time, why do you have to fly so quickly -_- 

     I still remember when we were four or five where you would come at around 9 am every single day, and you always walk in class when we're all already studying. And I feel like crying now because it's so unfair how time flies so fast. Still, we got to share good times like the ones during that Perak trip, and I'm thankful for that :) Like the time when you, Nazhif, Nathra and the gang was on the float and I was like pushing Wardina and that float flipped (Y) AWESOME :D 

As a matter of fact, you're like the person that my parents kenal the most and every time I mention you they'll be like "Ohh, Wathiqah, you people are still friends? Woaah, lama nya" and all that. Yeah, even they realize of this long term friendship (Y)

     Well throughout these days thank you for being awesome, thank you for all the help you've given, and thank you for everything you have done, really. If you had any mistakes you fear I wouldn't forgive, well I urge you to eradicate that feeling now cause I forgive every wrong you have done, if there was even any :) (I don't think you ever done any wrongs, eh?)

And about your results, well, don't take it too hardly k? Because the statuses you made.. especially the "voice of disappointment from your parents", really made me sad when I read it. Stay strong, and since it's too late to change the past then why bother being sad about this? It's just the UPSR. Soo, work harder in the future aite? And, al-Fatihah and takziah to your grandfather. I'm really sorry for the loss :(

     Stay strong girl, and I hope you forgive me if sometimes my jokes were too much and stuff like that, and at times where I bother you with your problems, well, it's just because I care actually but sometimes you just want to be left alone.. so, my sincerest apologies for all of my wrongs, and I know there were some.

Lastly, keep the swag on aite? I truly respect you, cause after so much you've been through you still manage to stifle that awesome smile of yours :) Good luck in life at your next school, NEVER EVER FORGET ME CAUSE I FOR SURE WON'T FORGET YOU! :D

hope you enjoyed,
faris :)

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