Sunday, 20 November 2011

You Just Can't Be Replaced .

Let me just say this to you, if you were a true cheeseburger you'd be a really smart, caring, annoying, friendly and an out-of-ordinary one. Oh, and not to forget - fattening :P

Cynthia Lorraine Silva, 

I hope you enjoy this post, and sorry to keep you waiting (for at least one whole month if I'm not mistaken) IF you're all comfy, let me begin ... :D

Edited by Kaylyn :D

     Well then I guess after all these times of annoying you and tormenting you and God-knows-what-else, we depart to different secondary schools. As much as I hate to admit this, I guess those times are no more than just memories now. I really do hope you find someone MORE annoying, MORE tormenting, MORE handsome and MORE awesome than me in your years at Wesley (but honestly speaking I think the last two would be impossible since I'm like the handsomest and awesomest guy in the world).

I keed about that last part cause I'm pretty sure your imaginary boyfriend Logan Lerman is more handsome than I am. WELL ACTUALLY Ketchup will tell you that's not true, but... #nevermind

    To tell you the truth, since you got first placing a few years in a row (I think?) I actually thought you were a nerd, you know, a quiet person, not really funny, all-serious, sh*ts like that. I actually regret not noticing the fact that you're awesome, annoying, caring, friendly and funny earlier cause you know, I was only close to you on 2010 :/

It was last year, however, that I came to realize you're a very funny person and all. You're a very fun person to be around, you're a little crazy too sometimes- oh, who am I kidding? A LITTLE crazy, yeah right. You're seriously crazy, and you act too dumb sometimes that I even forget I'm staring at the smartest student in the school.

     After these two years, I really feel like I owe you an extremely big favor cause you know I was kinda dumb in the year 2009, not "dumb", it's just that I was the average student. I didn't really have the determination to work harder, to become one of the top students, to be better than others - I was kind of afraid I would turn into a nerd, actually. And I ain't gonna give up on my swagger just to get high exam marks :3

But you have shown to me that smart-asses aren't necessarily boring people, in fact you were really crazy and hyper sometimes and you were always so humble when you get top of the class, yeah. I think I tried not to show the fact that I just wanted to squeeze your head until your eyeballs pop out once when you beat me in your examinations - again, for God-knows-how-many-hundredth-time. But I learned to work harder instead cause in this game of academics you can't bring your opponents down, but you can bring yourself up.

     The fact is I never actually liked you when it comes to academics in 2010, and I don't really know how but I was somehow motivated to go better to beat the crap out of you but sadly, it didn't work *sigh of disappointment*

Maybe it's because of the fact that I can't stand you being too nice to people, maybe it's because at some point I just hate seeing that smile of victory on your face, maybe it's because I just know better now that it is actually possible to be a fun person AND smart at the same time. Whatever it is, I started to work my ass off and in the end-year exams and I got second placing, you were of course ahead of me, but second placing is indeed good enough for me; you were almost impossible to beat.

     And then of course 2011 came, and I soon realized that those days where I don't walk to the canteen with you, turn my head around to have a little chat with you or annoy you in any way, those days just did not feel right. You became more of a best friend than a competitor, and I turn to you when I seek advise which I know you will always have the answer to, you know, stuff like that. The feeling of frustration every time you beat me in an examination still haven't eradicate though, but I learned to embrace the fact that however good you are there is always someone better.

After all we've went through, I think you deserve a really big thanks from me cause without you I wouldn't have been the guy that I am now; annoying, kinda clever, sophisticated, a little nerdy and DUH YEA CRAZY. And sorry if at times I have been too annoying and tormenting to you, I know I have been, and my sincerest of apologies for making you laugh at the wrong stuff. And if you think I'm done tormenting you, the answer would be no - you'll still have to endure my annoying attitude as long as we're still alive >:) I mean that!

     And even though we will depart to different schools next year, I want you to know that you can still turn to me whatever problems you have, you can still talk to me and make me annoy you when you miss my tormenting attitude - if you need me I would still be there for you, no matter what happens :)

Thank you of being such an awesome friend, no words can ever describe how thankful I am to have you in my life, and I mean that. And I hope you realize that no matter how annoying I can get, I still love you as my awesome "few-extra-pounds" friend :) *see how I can still be annoying? :3*

     And although you might just find someone better than me in your new school over there, and there is this slight chance where you might forget about me - I'll have you know that I'll never ever forget you, and I mean that. I also want you to know that I won't bother finding another person for me to be a wingman to, cause no matter how hard I look, I know that you just can't be replaced...

Believe me it took me two days of brain racking but if you don't like this post, it's okay really :) Good luck in your secondary school, good luck in life, good luck in everything. And even though you didn't get Tokoh Murid because of you're inactive in joining school activities, to me you'll always be the smartest person - and I know you'd win if there was an award for Most Awesome Friend :D

I'm gonna really miss you, because as a matter of fact you're the only one who listens to my endless talks about my favorite sport :3 I love you my friend, and I really hope you do, too. Well I guess this good bye ... :)

Sometimes friendship is not about being inseparable, it's about being separated but the bond never changes .
Straight from the heart of,

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