Sunday, 12 June 2011

Holidays sudah habis :O

Oh my, holidays holidays holidays. Why do you have to pass so fast? Haha, never mind never mind. Life has thought me to always look on the bright side of things, so I will do the same for this matter (:

     This holiday have been like, the best even though it just lasted for two weeks, mostly cause I get to spend time with YOU :D I will be doing it for the last time this evening at the park, then it'll be goodbye :l What a holiday it was indeed; haha. The first week of it was, well, spoiled due to the fact that I got extra class to attend, but life hash thought me to make the most of the time you have, and so I did (:

     I never got to play any computer games, but I guess it's for the better, cause you might already know that I have a major exam this year ._. I guess I'm like really matured and grown up now with no time for boring online games o.o *is that supposed to be a good thing or a bad thing?* Hmph anyway I finally know how to do something that I've been tryinna do since many years ago which I told nobody about except for my family and YOU , *haha you're considered lucky* so that's a huge accomplishment for me. -----Interruption - GOD, I'M SICK OF YOU. ONE MORE POST ABOUT BIEBER AND I THINK I'LL REMOVE YOU FROM MY FRIENDS LIST----- 

     Anyway, I'm going to Tutti Frutti this evening then straight to the park, so I guess I'd better enjoy the last few moments I have with YOU at the park (I won't be telling who 'YOU' is cause, my mom reads my blog :l Sad huh?) If you're reading this Mom, I don't have a girlfriend and you don't have to keep stalking my blog to dig out my secrets :D

     Psshh, whatever. I'm not stopping you from doing anything, it's not my job -.-

     Something is worrying me though, homework. But who gives a thing??? NOT ME ._. I only got two pages of Mathematics left, and I'm supposed to have BM homework but my book finished so nothing is do-able, SO YEAHH ! >:D At least i'm not as bad as my friends, left their homework at school PURPOSELY, then when the teacher asks where is it he will say ACCIDENTALLY. *I'm like WTF when he said this*

So, I think that's it for today's post. I thought of posting about the awesome two parties I had on Friday and an AWESOME-RR time I had at the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia, but well, there's 9 hours 30 minutes and 14 seconds left before I sleep and officially be the end of holidays, so I think I should do something useful >.< 

I'm waiting for you to go online. Can't you see I need you? :l

     Well at least there's something I can look forward to, which is seeing my friends again. I miss you guys and girls too much already. HAHA THAT'S JUST G*Y =.= but seriously, I do. Ohmygawd, Mom is beating all my highscores for Angry Birds Rio. Gotta go and reclaim my glory back. PWEACE >:) 

Smile always ,

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  1. OMG SOOOO MUCH TO READDDDD BUT niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D and no more (: ok??