Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Hmm. First post ...

     I think it would be best to introduce myself or something here but for me that seems completely pointless as I do not make friends through blogger, but only my friends read my blog. Hope you understand :D 
     So I tried very very hard to keep updating my blog but figured out that I do not have time for it. Now, however, is the mid-year holidays which lasts for two weeks, so I still think I would manage one weeks' worth of posts (and maybe after THAT, this blog would be left untouched until 15th of September. No offense). I'm having a really important exam this year. So I hope you understand.
     One more thing I would like to clear up right away is that to me a blog is not like facebook statuses in which you can post whatever crap you want. I post only if some eventful crap or something happens, because I like to keep my posts long so that the readers will be glued until the end.  
     Lastly, thanks for reading my first post.

"Rap music is the only cure to racism"


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