Thursday, 2 June 2011

FINALLY, holidays.

     Holidays have finally started for real. We finished Extra Class today and I can finally sit back and relax. Well, not really. Me and my family are going to Terengganu tomorrow, not that I really want to anyway. Going out of the house sucks, unless it brings some good to me, like buying MY games or MY shoes or MY jeans, you get what I mean.

     Point is, I don't really like going out. I think the only time I enjoy going out last year was when I went with Myra, Jacquelina, Nathra and others. We went for Sunway to watch the movie Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows: Part 1. Of course I was with Myra at that time and we were watching my favourite movie series, if not that would probably be the same thing as any other outings I've been to = BORING.
     So when I am 20+ and start having serious relationships I ain't gonna be bothering about all this crap, and that point was proved more than ever when I saw my mom and I doing what they call 'shopping', and what I call 'A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME'. They were looking at dresses and jeans for like HOURS. And after they were done, I asked, "What did you buy, the whole store?" and I was surprised to see only one plastic bag of clothes. Luckily Tap Tap Revenge was able to keep me company if not I might die waiting -.-

     If I don't change my mind on this matter, shopping girls will be unlucky to have me, which sucks cause 70% of cool girls are shopping freaks. So this just tells me that it might take me years to find someone perfect for me. And THAT sucks.


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