Monday, 6 June 2011

Getting myself involved? Or not?

So, yesterday my friend asked me to be one of his 'backup' for a stupid fight that's happening some time on Friday. So, to join or not to join? That is the question. 

     And I know that all of you with enough common sense would tell me not to cause it just creates mountains out of molehills which is the thing I hate most. But this is my best friend involved here...
     People with common sense would say that I am stupid and giving in to peer pressure or whatever you call it, but no, this is also about silencing the most hated person (possibly) in the school. And for those of you who do not know, this person is Ashraf. And if you are reading this, (which is not very likely, of course) I want to say that you have to open your small eyes and make a change in yourself cause as I mentioned, you are the most hated person in school.

     But as much as my best friend wants a respected person to kick a hated person in the *ss real bad, I want to say that THIS HAS GOT TO STOP. 

     First of all a fight isn't supposed to be PLANNED. When someone blows your cool, you hit him/her, she/he hit you back, and *BAM!* the fight starts. It's not supposed to be like you argue, then someone says "Ok I'm gonna kick your *ss on Friday. Come to the (insert place) on (insert time) and I'll beat you up raw". I mean, who does that? A coward maybe, but not me.

     One more thing, to prove your strengths you are going to have to do things by yourself, and not bring 14 people whom you call 'friends' to fight for you, and you hide behind a tree or something. I'm getting carried away btw. Point is, a person with true 'powers' will prove himself by fighting one on one. Without backup, against no backup, you get the idea.

     So, if you ask me this fight is crap, and no offense Shafiq. But I think if you want to fight, wait for a right reason to do it to avoid getting in trouble when questioned, you get the point. Because if you win, what would you get? Trouble. That guy's 11 and you're 12, bro. A coward like him is BOUND to report and incident like this, especially to his parents. And when you lose, it's gonna be worse cause he's gonna rub your defeat in your face like Isaac Newton did to a school bully sometime in the 1700s (getting carried away again).

     Point is, this fight is pointless. But if you wish to continue it, don't let me get involved in any way. And it's not because I'm afraid, it's just that the time will come when it does, but the 'time' for fights is just not now. The smarter side of my brain has led me to a conclusion, so let me tell you this one more time - "It's pointless, leave it mate. You will get into trouble, whatever result you get in that fight of yours." 

And because I'm not the boss of you, let me just say that after reading this it would be your choice to proceed. I am posting this because I care about you, and don't want you to get into trouble in any way. If you wish to continue this, then go ahead. Just don't let me get involved in any way. It is your choice from here on.

"If you are fighting violence with violence, quit it mate. It just leads to more violence"



  1. I only read half of the post cuz i dont enjoy reading :P I understand the point . We shouldnt fight . It brings trouble and problems .