Thursday, 9 June 2011


     I love life :) I don't think anything could ruin the happiness that I'm in right now .
But I may be wrong :O

     That's right, school is coming backk. Today, it's already THURSDAY and I didn't even feel like time was passing the whole time. Dang ! I guess time really flies when you're having fun -__- haha, not really cause it also passes when you're feeling too bored. The brain apparently does not notice the time when distracted by activities (which can be fun or boring) which makes it seems faster. I'm getting carried away again. Dayymmn .

     So yesterday I heard the story of the person I used to like, and she is SERIOUSLY enjoying her holiday. (at least more than I am) She's acting so different now and that's sad for me .__. Maybe the vacation changed her? Well if that person is reading this, we back at Subang Jaya don't want you to say there. I will even kidnap you if I have to.

     Anyway, I don't know what to blog about, and I haven't even take a bath since yesterday afternoon. Thinking of making 24 hours without bath but my maid is being so noisy, so I guess no 24 hours without bath for me >___< 

     Anyway, I am happy as can be. And that's because I just found out that *the person* is still within reach and still available :D YAYY ! And if *that person* is reading this. Please reply my texts, I'm as bored as ... something that is bored. :l Well gotta go now. My armpit smells.



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