Monday, 25 June 2012

What Do I Stand For?

The most amazing things, they can come from some terrible lies.

Greetings :) It's been a while. And by 'a while' I mean 7 WHOLE MONTHS since I last touched this blog. I'm temporarily living at a different house while my actual one is being renovated, and this one has no Internet. Sometimes I wonder how am I still sane from all those long months of being stuck at home doing nothing..

 Great news though, I'd be able to blog again by July insyaAllah. I just can't wait to move back to USJ11 :) 

     It's been an eventful 7 months that passed by only too quickly for me, I mean it seems like such a short time ago when I was on my first day as a secondary school, and now I've became a probate, won a bronze medal for the school athletics, won another bronze medal for Kadet Polis, made a whole lot of friends and won another two medals for Norton. It all passed by too quickly :-)

     I'm looking forward to my Sports Day this weekend even though I only have one event, but I'm getting a bronze medal for 800. And I really can't wait for July. That's when I'll blog again :) Till then.

no h8.

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