Wednesday, 14 December 2011

'Cus It's Gotta Be You .


As you can see this blog is all nicely edited by my awesome sister. Thank you very much Kak Min! :D 

     For the second time, hello. These past few days have been tiring for me, with my practice, my gaming, my onlining, going to the park, dumbbell exercises and God-knows-what-else, so I've rarely found time to blog. This is like school inside a holiday, where you have to wake up early and be disciplined and other shit. But yeah I kind of enjoy it ^_^

Sooo a very good friend of mine is leaving this country to go on a holiday to France, and I'm still stuck here wiping my fake MW3 disc cause it gets unreadable every single time I try to break my record in Survival Mode, that crap "The disc is unreadable. 1. Clean the disc with a soft cloth 2. Restart the console" comes up. EVERY SINGLE GOD DAMNED TIME.

     Well for now, forget about that. My schedule has seriously been pretty tight lately, but after some time I'm FINALLY going rollerskating tomorrow, where I can just chill and forget about the world, and meet my friends, and hang out, all that (: It'd be awesome, yeah!

Soooo I hope you all enjoy your holidays and make the most out of it cause seriously, as much as I hate to say this, time is running out :( The Name's Faris, nickname "Sergeant Frost", signing out :)

no h8.

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